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Good gone bad



Hi friends, I’m glad to introduce to you another awesome blogger in the person of Mfon! she blogs at Dainty M. You just gotta fall over in love with her amazing interesting blog full of godly, soul lifting and positive laden messages.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful write up and yes she loves comments and likes too.show some love



  .               Good gone bad

I’d like to start by saying a big thank you to Immanuel for this rare opportunity to write to the esteemed followers of D’Dream. Awesome things happen on this blog and I’m glad to be a part of it.

For this post, I’ll be talking about good gone bad. From creation, everything made was seen as good but today all we see around is evil. The enemy takes everything God created and perverts it.

God made everything and saw it as ‘good’. But today we see most of the things God created as bad because of the perversion the devil has successfully orchestrated. Look at sex…it’s an uncomfortable topic to discuss because of how perverted our image of it is. God created sex for marriage- a perfect icing on the cake! But the devil has turned it into a sin that a lot of Christians fall victims of. Look at love… How can a beautiful thing as love be so perverted that a lot of humans trudge with broken hearts because love turned sour? We hear stuffs like ‘love hurts’ or get a generally sad portrait of love. The devil has turned love into something hideous and sad.

How about food? Money? Music? The list goes on and on. Do you think for a moment that God didn’t make these things for our good? Oh yes He did! Just as He made man and called him good. He made relationships so man wouldn’t be alone…because it wasn’t ‘good’ (Gen 2:18). But divorce has become a mainstay in the world today. The sacredness of marriage is broken. The purity of sex is torn by casual sex. The sanity of money is destroyed by the love for it. The divinity of love is shredded by human lusts. The sweet aroma of music is lost in the clusters of trashy lyrics.

God made man in His image. But Satan still perverted it. Now man is seen as ‘fallen’ ‘imperfect’ ‘not good enough’.

Is there anything God made that hasn’t been turned for evil? Does this mean everything God created is bad? No! Everything God made is good. He is so good! Don’t get it twisted. The devil is God’s enemy and automatically our enemy. He won’t stop turning every good thing into something bad. Be watchful. When you begin to get ungrateful about something you once prayed for, that’s a sign that a good thing is turning into bad. When you start seeing the church you once loved going as a hypocritical place or a hall of boredom, watch it!

Every good and perfect gift comes from God. That gift that is being used for bad, was once good. The food that we now dread was once good. The people we term bad were created for good.

Why don’t we work with God in recreating good? Letโ€™s turn everything the devil made bad into its original state of goodness.

Man who is born again is good. Sex in the right context of marriage is good. Love is good when given from a pure and unselfish heart. Marriage is good when the right people are involved and the bed is undefiled. Money answers all things-including answering to us, so don’t make it a master. Food and drinks are good when not in excess. It’s good to have some fun as long as sin is not in the midst of you.

Let’s bring out the good in everything around us and remain thankful to God!


-Written by Mfon Etuk.






7 thoughts on “Good gone bad

  1. Ditto to what Courtney said above : ) So glad to see Mfon here too !!! The best of both worlds in one place – you both are awesome. I love reading your blogs.
    Mfon, I love all your posts and this one was just as wonderful as the others : )
    You made so awesome points you made and love how you always encourage and inspire your readers to look at life from God’s eyes and to be the change we want to see.
    God bless you & please continue to share all the things God places on your heart.
    You are awesome !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Whew! I’m so humbled. Mfon is just being Mfon I guess and I? God be praised for the gift.

      Thanks so much ma’am for the beautiful comments you often shower on me, I bless God for your spirit and enthusiasm

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Wow! I was so happy to see Mfon on here! Great article with a lot of good points. It’s so true that much of what was created for good has been turned into something bad (Another example: if you eat too much food you gain weight and become unhealthy, but food is not bad in itself) Mfon, if you’re reading this, congratulations on the awesome post! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Courtney! I was pleased to be given this opportunity ๐Ÿ™‚ Ah yes! Food isn’t bad in itself except when taken in excess. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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