#Musing 04

Life’s a ying yang, gray lines litter every inch and yard

The cook pray for hunger and starvation

Gun makers pray for war, internal and external agitations

The lender pray for people to get broke

The mechanic pray for automobile to malfunction

The sweeper pray for litters and gabbage

The teacher pray for the existence of illiterates

The industrialist pray for lack and wants

The security forces pray for criminals to exist

The politicians prays for the existence gullible electorate

The vulcanizer pray for tires to burst or worn out

Robbers pray for people to get rich

Rich people pray for people to be poor

The doctor pray for people to be sick

The pastor pray for the existence of downtrodden souls

Cobblers pray for barefoot and tampered shoes

Emergency workers pray for accidents

Bone setters pray for bones to break

What an irony!

and then you wondered why the world is getting more worse

What shall I do that won’t involve praying sadist prayers

Can I survive  a minute here?

Who answers all these sadist prayers

Isn’t breathing on this planet hard enough?

Hear me O aliens with the saucers

I need to have meeting with you guys on Jupiter and Mars

I’m on my way



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dainty M says:

    I guess there would be another Martian movie when you go to Mars 😀 Nice piece of artwork, this is! Couldn’t be more true! Well done!


    1. D'Dream says:

      Lol @ martian movie. Well let me get there first. 😀

      Thanks hun!

      Liked by 1 person

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