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Words of Wisdom #2

In conquering bad habits and achieving personal development: whatever you feed grows and lives, whatever you don’t feed die a natural death. Feed on positives and watches the negatives die a natural death

Are you a God seeker or a blessing seeker. When you seek blessing, you get some handful but when you are God seeker, you are in contact with the source of every blessings

From henceforth respond to only what’s necessary. Because what’s necessary is what’s necessary, whither out anything, people and projects that aren’t adding value to you.

Nobody can’t be mistakenly or unconsciously poor. Poverty is a deliberate attempt to produce an impression. Before anybody can be poor, they must have systematically and deliberately sustain some habits that are necessary for their misery.

The strength of a material is in it universal appeal.

Don’t expect to grow up a giant feeding and living on dwarf foods. What you eat determine your growth. Eat right and eat well.

Mental attitude is more profitable in the long run than Mental Aptitude.

Every Blessing


8 thoughts on “Words of Wisdom #2

  1. I hadn’t had time to go through more of your reads but Immanuel, these are gifts in beautifully written words. Thank you for allowing the Lord to play the instruments of your heart which in turn, gives the world your awesome songs that come from it!!!

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  2. As an immature Christian many years ago I was certainly a blessing seeker. Today more mature in the things of God, I long for Him! His presence, instruction, voice and word! It’s more priceless to me than any thing. The awesome point is the more I want Him, the blessings come automatically! Wish I knew that years ago! Would have saved a lot of headaches! Lol!😆

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    1. Hi Chanel! 😉

      Its always a blessing having you here! Lol @ being a blessing seeker. We all are at one stage of our lives until we perhaps we got wiser.
      Myself wished I knew this too years ago! Lol

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