#Musings 10

Overcoming sin is an accomplished fact, overcoming self is a life long daily affair

The blood of Jesus deals with sin, the Holy Spirit through our submission to obey deals with self

Christians ought to have two kinds of knowledge:
Knowledge of the scriptures
Knowledge of the power of God (Matt 22:9)

However there are two classes of Christians who sincerely seek God

1. Those who have a good knowledge of the scriptures but none of the power of God – The meek but very legalist ones

2. Those who have knowledge of the power of God but have little scriptural knowledge – The dangerously proud and argumentative ones

3. Thosw who have adequate knowledge of the scriptures and power of God – The balanced temperate ones

Working for God and being a disciple of God are two different things

Having scriptural knowledge does not equal to know God!

Every Blessings,


3 thoughts on “#Musings 10

    1. Thanks
      Working for God implies the works aspect of Christianity ( giving, prayer,evangelism e.t.c) while the Discipleship imply Obedience to scriptural injunctions.
      You see its glaringly possible to be doing the works of God and yet be in disobedience. A balance is needed

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