I am NOT ashamed of Jesus

I was so touched when i read about the dedication, faith, devotion , love and trust a teenager had for Jesus in this writeup.

 I hope it blesses you as it did to me


I am NOT Ashamed of Jesus … He is my Lord and Savior As Christians we all have our own personal story or testimony. Your story is God’s story and every time you tell someone you bring glory to God.…

Source: I am NOT ashamed of Jesus


8 thoughts on “I am NOT ashamed of Jesus

  1. God Bless you for your work through Jesus Christ, In our Body as a whole, shining your light before all men and women, nations and the world as a whole. God bless you. Come also visit, let us share each others, word and gift from God, Let us fill the hearts of others. I encourage you and bless you. Let Gods anointing flow through you and place you higher and higher in your calling from God.- Daniel Byzewski
    God Head Disciple

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    1. Glory to God! Thanks so much for the prayers, I’m so appreciative of your encouragements sir. God blessings on you now and ever

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    2. Amen. We have a way, to show through our teaching, and through scripture how to bring the seed to the heart. Gods work is never done. do not forget to connect! Amen


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