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Non Fiction (2)

This is another attempt at nonfiction writing. One of my previous attempt can be found here >>>>>> HERE

Critiques is welcomed and hopes you guys can help in giving it a title too as I am at loss presently

Kuto stood by the wall of his well furnished apartment, hands akimbo looking dull as if he just recently lost his mother.

He was a student of boys only high school located far away many miles from home when he heard the glooming news of his mum death. He could hardly sleep that night after his biology teacher in company with the house master intimate him of his mum demise. Strangely he didn’t cry that night or get emotional; perhaps he was too shocked to react appropriately

He is 31 now, striving and fighting against personal demons, he only begins to recognize this demon lately as destructive and life threatening. Hed always manage to escape by a whisker from being lynched by mobs

He knew he wasn’t always like this but his unconscious defiant acts over the years maybe in retaliation for his mothers death has bore deep. So much he has no more regard for his father and the never ending battle of this demon has also inadvertedly led him to believe he was born that way even though he knew deep down he wasnt

His father Mr Ukaij has been noticing since he return from schooling abroad that no lady ever came around to see his son as expected or at least see his son call any feminine

One time while walking through the house, he had lean in against Kutos door to eave in on his phone conversation. He was talking excitedly on phone with whomever on the line whom he had no idea of. But the words exchanged when the line went dead had him in stitches
Is he? Was he? How that could this happens? No…….. God forbid that my son will turn out to be such a social outcast. A time he would rebuke the devil vehemently with all his strenght for putting such silly thought across his mind. How will he even face the society and the church if found out that his son sexual preference is off? It better not be and it cannot be he would muse deeply

He wasn’t a man given to prayer as his late wife was the prayer warrior. He would often be woken up at midnight  by his late wife for prayer and grudgingly mumble some plainness words in a few minutes heading back to bed while his wife continue the prayers.

His prayer life has been gaining momentum lately over his only son whose predicament he couldn’t put a finger on. But deep down he knew its a dread

And now he missed her so much now, she was such a divas who is good at handling situations like this unlike him

Kuto has reluctantly agreed to attend a counseling session offered by a nearby church in company of his dad out of sheer curiosity. It had taken forever for his father to convince him, he knew he need help but also admit to himself that he isnt a mental case

He couldn’t stay long however in the counselling room when he discover that the man at the other end of the counseling desk contributed hugely to his present predicament.

The End


Every Blessings,

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17 thoughts on “Non Fiction (2)

  1. Aww, it’s so sad when one loses a parent at an early age. Some react to this loss by being rebellious. I enjoyed reading your intriguing tale, looking forward to the next part. 🙂

    PS: One thing I noticed is that you need to work on your pronoun consistency. @ “her biology teacher” was used in reference to Kuto, a male.

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  2. Hi Some of your sentence construction towards the last paragraph reads a bit awkward, needs some re-construction and punctuation and work on the tenses you shift from past to present tenses in the same sentence its a bit off-setting
    but on the whole love this story do keep at it , what happens next….. do continue.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Definitely check because a few places i felt like ” lean” should have been leaned and ” continue” maybe continued. A few little things that would make it flow better but i love the story line!

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    1. Thankss bethanyK!! I absolutely love this. I will try and improve on it. Writing fiction ain’t my thing but I guess i’ll improve from the support of you guys

      PS: you see I have already re-arranged and reconstructs the story before I found out the first comment. The first time I post this story was a mess so Ufuomaee’s critique wasn’t out of place

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  4. I loved the story .. it was deep & I believe there was a lot of hidden meaning and messages – still trying to figure them out. . . Love the cliff hanger – Since I teach AP English among other classes … I have to say your writing reminds me of Leo Tolstoy and O’Henry. Both have lots of short stories – I think you would LOVE Tolstoy you can find his stories online for free – one is “God Knows the Truth but Waits” and the other “How Much Land Does a Man Need?” Both AWESOME !!!
    O Henry is a secular author whose short stories you can also find online my two favorites are “The Gift of the Magi” and “After Twenty Years”
    Keep writing … it is transparent it is one of the many spiritual gifts God has given you : )

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  5. OK, since you asked…

    It seems like a rushed work. There were quite a number of grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes. These can take away from the enjoyment of reading your story, and may even cause misunderstanding, if someone has to wonder what you meant. My advice is to read it again and again, on your mobile and computer, to make corrections. Even after publishing. I find that there are some mistakes I don’t spot on my computer, but catch easily on my phone.

    Apart from that, the story seems interesting. Practice makes perfect, so keep at it 🙂

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    1. Whew! I’m so appreciative of this. Yeah its kind of a rushed one – you are right on that.

      I’m gonna do a review of it then. Thanks so much for taking your time to explain these things.

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