YOU will Smile Again

 I struggle and think hard to pick out one of the numerous title that pop up my hrad but none was convincing ENOUGH. If you have any, kindly mention in the comment box. Thank you

Let pick up from yesterday train of thoughts , If you miss yesterday post, click ——>>> HERE

Some will say “I am not even saying God should answer my prayers right away, at least He should show some sign of him working on the situation”. That’s a valid position, however how about what the bible say about we walking not by signs but by faith?  You see we need to understand that even though God can do anything, he still has the right to answer or not. The truth however is that, are we serving him because what we can get from him or because he is just such a wonderful God?

 That brings about the question of “why are you serving God”. You see the foundation of your reasons will determine how far you can go with God.

Let examine the life or a man called Mr. Job who was the world richest man of his time, CEO/Chairman of J.O.B Inc, well respected in business world and powerful national officials were his friends even president were not left behind. He had super fast cars, employed thousands as staffs in various capacity in his numerous world class companies in his home country and some over situated some part of the world;  family wise he had beautiful wife and his children are doing awesomely well with his colossal enviable business empire and net worth notching up higher every year. But most importantly he was a God fearing man who doesn’t take or give bribe, was legitimate in all his business dealings, generous with his different warfare packages and his contributions to the lives of the less privilege. He was healthy, had access to the best medical facilities around and ultimately living the good life that many of his contemporary only dream about.

Apart from his financial status, he was a humble and temperate man, well respected by family and friends. Despite all his numerous local and international business trips and physically, mentally draining meetings, he doesn’t miss his prayer times, always on time with his tithe and offerings, hardly arrives late to church services, even attending vigil whenever possible.

Everything was going fine an then……………….. Something happened

Just in 24 hours, he lost everything – his companies’ home and abroad, all of his children died a terrible death and ultimately was left homeless. What a tragedy!  If there was anyone that such tragedy is not suppose to happen to, Mr. Job was suppose on the forefront of the front row. To make it too unbearable for words, he was struck with a deadly medically incurable disease

Now imagine the numerous indescribable emotions that running amok in his head that very day all these things happen.  All day in the hot blazing sun all day in tattered clothes and slept in the cold all night. Only few concern friends visit him but at a distance, how about the accusations that he must have been ritualistic, perhaps the blood of the innocent he has used for his money ritual was the reasons for his predicament. His wife that is suppose to support him keeps taunting him every now and then, telling him to curse and die but Jov wouldn’t bulge. A man left himself, at the mercy of crumbs from good hearted passersby. He was living a life in sharp contrast and shadow of his former self. You see on a normal day this experience is enough to run a man mad but throughout the period of his predicament for some years, Mr Job wouldn’t stop thanking God every day. At least he has life he would say and because of that he is thankful.

And then there was a tremendous, eye popping, mouth drooling, ear itching, mind boggling turnaround that surpass his previous life and achievement in all ramification.

Oh you are interested in his biography? Check the book of Job in the bible.

PS:  I wasn’t intentional about the direction of  this post.  When the bible says the scriptures were not written by private interpretation but that men wrote as they move by the HolySpirit (2 peter 1:20). That’s exactly the same for this write up, the HolySpirit just take over my writing because sincerely I was intentional in completing yesterday post but here we are. I don’t know why but I believe there is someone reading this that the HolySpirit want to use this post to minister to

You see if you have lost anything, God is the reason why you have not loss everything. The truth is that it could have been worse, if perhaps we look closely deep enough, we could feel God silent workings. It is easy when the bible admonishes us to be thankful in all things (1 thessalonia 5:18), but it can be hard to do so except by the help of the HolySpirit (Romans 8:26) . I don’t know what you are going through right now, but be rest assured he knows and he is with you even if you can’t feel so

YOU WILL SMILE AGAIN, remember when the Lord shall turn again (He has been turning before but this time the turning will be different) the captivity of Zion (replace “Zion” with your name), it will look like a dream. Don’t give up on God yet, stay with God


A song just came to my mind as i prepared to publish this post, i cant recollect who sang the song but  the refrain goes like this

He will bring you up

He will hold your hand

He will lead the way

so that you can SMILE AGAIN

Be encouraged

Every blessing,

Copyrighted D’Dream 2016


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