Dissolving Emotional Blockages

Even if all aspects of our lives seem wonderful, our emotions can still cause us to feel unhappy, I Dont know if it has happens to you but I guess it happens to some people, if you are one say Hi! 😉

Traumatic memories can stifle our development in a way that is undetected. Negative thought habits can fill us with feelings of frustration and powerlessness plus all the other shades of it cousins and nephews. Negative self-talk  especially can cause us to sabotage any goals we set when our emotions isn’t well controlled.

We have some loses something vital e.g blossoming and beautiful relationship or Jobs because their emotions were not managed

Emotions can be a tricky thing to understand, but it becomes easier when we consider that our emotions are fueled by our thoughts which in turned ignited subconsciously by outside influences

If we THINK negatively about ourselves, we will FEEL badly about ourselves. Because the truth is we mostly treat others are we are, not as they are. It can be difficult for a self criticized person to accommodate faults from others which probably on a grand scheme of things is accommodating

If we focus on the negative in our lives and what’s going wrong, our lives will seem to incline towards a negative thematic propulsion and direction. It’s all about what we focus on the most that determines how we feel.

Think about the last time your day took a sudden nosedive because of something simple which as at the time of incident looks so terrifying

Let’s say you were driving to work, singing along with a song on the radio, and some one cut you off in traffic. Your first thought might be, “What a jerk!” (Or a more colorful term) Your next thought might be, “People are so rude and careless these days, and I seem to encounter the rudest of them all! What did I ever do to deserve this?” and you continuously spiralled yourself down the dark pit of negativity

From there your mood can continue to spiral down as you ponder your bad luck in having to deal with inconsiderate people. Do you see what happens in situations like these? You have a negative experience, and then you internalize it. Not just for the moment either, but for the rest of your day. Even worse, because your attitude tends to attract most of your experiences, feeling negative will continue to attract more rude and inconsiderate people into your day.

Though it seems impossible, we can control our emotions. We can choose our emotions, moment to moment, it seems hard but it is attainable. And we begin by choosing our thoughts. Using the example from above, what would be a more empowering response? You could simply say, “That wasn’t very nice,” and then turn your attention back to the song you were singing.

That may seem like a difficult thing to do when your anger is ignited, but with practice it gets easier ( I rather gets angry though, maybe 10x in a year Lol, yeah I’m cool like cucumber like that) .

Rather than internalizing the things that happen to you (especially things you can’t control and I am guilty of that always), simply let go of them and keep your emotional balance.

If we pay attention to how we feel throughout the course of our day, we’ll become aware of whether our thoughts are negative or positive. Isn’t it wonderful if we could learn about ourselves and how we react to things and circumstances, I guess we’d be in control of our temperament most days. It is only after we have become a students of ourselves  can we simply choose to release our negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts – which will make us feel better.

it will however akes consistent effort to fully master this technique.
To your Success,
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2 thoughts on “Dissolving Emotional Blockages

  1. JoAnna says:

    It takes time, but you are absolutely right. With practice, we can change our thoughts and our moods for the better, because what we focus on gets bigger. Good suggestions!

    Liked by 1 person

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