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The young acts with reckless abandon, the ages becomes cautious
The slim want to add up, the plumb want to slim down
The rich want the freedom, the poor seeks to be rich
The best seek peace; the insignificant seeks after fame
The pious go after escape, the lowly seeks to be righteous

An irony in life metaphor that juxtapose reality of the time
Each earthling seeking that which does not satisfy the void within
Money, fame, recognition, love in abundance and yet not satisfied
Seeking perfection with an imperfect soul in an imperfect environment
Loneliness becomes the second nature when alone in their cubicle of comfort

The grey haired dye their hair to look young, the young dye their hair to look old
The voluptuous women increase their bosom under the knife and the world stare in agreement
The not too endowed bosom women shake their head in illusion, a strange world indeed
The children wished to grow faster, the aged wished they were them
Every one of earthling in a rat race with no specific destination but six feet

How void of understanding they behave and sacrifice humanity on the altar of greed
In a bid they fight with Mother Nature, embracing that which is not convenient
She quietly watched in awe yet continues inevitably managing the insane human activities
The hunter is being hunted by that which he had hunted with great gusto and enigma in the past
There is no one that will escape, as life handle everyone the surprise pie out of his goodie bag.

Written by Immanuel

The Dream Inc (2016).  Copyrights Reserved


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6 thoughts on “Irony

    1. Awww!! *coverface* thanks so so much. To think I got positives about this article when I was actually in a bad mood when I wrote this meant something to me

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  1. Hi Immanuel,

    I stoop up and clapped for you in my head. This is a beautiful piece!

    Lol @ “The grey haired dye their hair to look young, the young dye their hair to look old” It reminded me of the gray coloured hair attachments that young girls use to braid their hair these days. πŸ˜€

    Life is full of actions, reactions and counter-reactions. A vicious cycle of ironies. I’ve learnt to appreciate the seasonality of our desires, our wants are insatiable, they sometimes battle for space in our life and cancel each other out.

    Well done.

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    1. 😁😁😁. Awww! I’m so in cloud nine right nowπŸ˜€. Pls bring me down lolz. Thanks very much, your comments are really appreciated

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  2. This is a very lovely piece D’Dream, each line’s fraught with great truth of the boundless covetousness and discontentment of us insatiable mortals! Its pretty interesting how we think having all that we desire will bring us true and everlasting happiness but in actual fact; by finding contentment in who we are and in the things we have, are the surest ways to living a fulfilling life and being at peace with ourselves! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„

    Wisdom multiplied Sir and thanks for sharing! πŸ‘‰πŸ˜ƒ

    Liked by 1 person

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