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I am not a poet and don’t know what poet do
Do they write poems or play a sonnet
Neither which I understand or learn
I will just pick my pen to write the bundles
Of the inspiration and emotions I feel now
Emotion?’ I don’t think I feel any
I don’t have beautiful words to convey
Maybe the beautiful words are not yet born

Stiftled by dark unbiblical cord

Blank stares, empty mind, bizarre thoughts
How I do come being like this?

Prayed faith filled the night before

Woke up – all empty and faithless,
Who sucked it all up while I slept?
Joy, laughter and hope gone without notice
Another word for bland feelings and I wont agree more

Depression loomed large than the moon
I thought I felt a release from it a while ago
I did all I knew I had learned over the years
Does it mean its all fallacy and junk?
Why did hope hide behind the veil?
Could you please give a glimpse?

Dark thoughts race through by the zillions
Chilling Emotions running riot unabated
I do repent for the umpteenth time
Over what I thought I did or had not done
If only I could find a way through this dark tunnel
Yet this inner turmoil and emptiness kept raging

I do give anything to get out
This miry state is choking and unbearable
How my soul so yearn for release
The void prisoner I had been without reasons
This is real and I faint in handling

I do hide the emptiness I feel
Under the cloak of strength I display
Within I yearn for help with every fibre of my being
I wasn’t suppose to display weakness, be a macho man
Who would believe the strong and cheery one
Has suddenly becomes the frail and grumpy one

Prayer becomes a chore and animated
Expression becomes forced and unwillingly
Future becomes bleak and presents a torture
Help seems oblivion and hope invisible
Who shall deliver me from this state?

Its been two weeks now and it seems like 200 years already
Last time I looked in the mirror, I look older than my age
I guess the emotional and soul turmoil are having a blast
Is this what is termed the trial of faith?
Lord please see me through as I hang by the thin thread

Wriiten by Immanuel (D’Dream)

The Dream Inc (2016).  Copyrights Reserved


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10 thoughts on “Empty

  1. First of all this is beautiful ❤️️❤️️
    Okay you know I too have always wondered what trials of faith mean(t). But I guess it’s those things that test us to considering on giving up on God and thinking “of what good has obeying/trusting Him done”. That’s my guess
    It may seem like everything isn’t going well, like nothing is making sense or nothing is working out but I always believe that God will not allow us go through more than we are capable of handling; he’s always working even when we cannot see. Hold on, you can’t give up, what if your breakthrough is nearer than you think.

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    1. Thanks Diana M! I truly appreciate your insightful comment. It can be hard to hold on when it seems nothing is working. But thankfully we have the assurance of God’s unfailing trust

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  2. Love this expression!! The vulnerability!! When we empty ourselves like this the needed relief, freedom, succour, help usually comes. This is the point one gets to and realises I can’t give up…I can only hold on. Do hold on.

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  3. ‘Empty your cup so you can be filled, become devoid to gain totality’- Bruce Lee.

    There’s something good to be said ’bout being empty, for its the only time that one can get filled to overflowing! 😃

    Emptiness creates a vacuum, plus; things are not always what they seem if we care enough to stay still; and be discerning of our true situations that’s seemingly masked and clouded by gloom, helplessness and a certain amount of hopelessness! I know personally that sometimes, things appear like they’re falling apart…out of place; but at closer look with our inner eye, they may actually be falling into place! Trust me on this one buddy! 😊

    Still, hang in there yet Dream; and look for the silver lining in all of these, for its there in plain sight if you’d just open the eyes of your heart! In time, your mood will be lifted and whatever this is; it’d pass and you’d bounce back totally filled ‘to the rafters’! 😊😄

    The vulnerability of the Narrator as it leaps out of these lines is too adorable and plenty endearing! I love it! ❤ Shalom my brother! 😇😂

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    1. Hmmm, this is deep and keeps nodding as I read your comment. You are God sent and actually made my day!! Erepa ti ya!!.😁😁

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    2. LMAO@ ‘Erepa t’iya’! 😂😂😂

      That’s the spirit D’Dream and a pretty good place to start but ensure not to go overboard by ‘overdoing’ it will ya?! 😞Erepa can be very hazardous and dangerous to health! So you may really wanna tread and go real slow! *yinmu 😁

      Thanks for having me on your space buddy, you honor me! 😇❤😄

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  4. Oh Imma!
    He’ll see you through, through fire and floods he’ll be there with you even when you don’t see him or can’t touch him. He’s there.


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