The Heart Mender

As the liquids continues oozing from the pierced meadow called  heart

veins struggling hard with enzymes to strengthen the clotting soldiers

memories lingers while in mental daze

tumulting nausea raging within

to burst at any given

eyes dim so tightly, rivers of snaky path line up haphazardly burst

it could only take eons to soak up

feet trembling but still glue to a spot

how do I arrive here?

Thought being good and submissive will be enough

Thought being patient and generous ever enough

Thought being forbearing and loving ever enough

A shadow 

I have always know beautiful things don’t last

something always go wrong Like in Eden

Latching as a leech hopefully

upon with weakling trembling finger

a hold rather feeble

I search between flooding oceans of wavy emotion cresting upon my heart heavily without cares

forcing out bleeding caricature

A shadowy broken pieces

unrecognizably delicate to pick

a master mender I need

if perhaps with an unbroken cords this time

steeled heart I chuckles within

I will return maybe but no I must not

taken for granted acceptance

I heard many eons ago

about about a doctor specialist

rumoured but untested and trusted

by me

perhaps he will help

carefully picking up the shattered pieces

that remains of the once wholesome

I thrusts alone through the dark tunnel

fearfully guarding the pieces on my palm

each motion hard but steadily paced through

searing crucial pains, mental torture

Even the Almighty soothing acidity of affections , care and love

Bounce off my well steeled heart now

Hard now to decipher the real from the fake

I just hope against hope

I will find him

The Heart Mender 

#Letter from a bleeding heart

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds (PS 147:3)

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me to ……. Broken hearted, opening of prison to those imprisoned or held captives in whatever way (PS 61: 1 * emphasis mine*)

The Spirit and the Bride says COME, all you are heavy laden and find rest for your soul

Every Blessings’

© D’Dream 2016. Copyrights Reserved


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