Short Fiction Story 1

He stood by the gate leading to the estate, exchanging banters with an aboki
He wasn’t actually interested in the wares display. he has a mission which he has carefully planned to carry out that very day
To keep his mojo pumped up, that very morning he read “tough times dont last but tough people do”
He has never planned for anything major in his life until now – he was proud of himself

Looking up intermittedly from where he stood – a strategic position not to miss the bone of contention, he surveyed and took in the surrounding and the lush green carpet grass where  a cock and a mother hen took central stage having a wrestling alongside their feathery supporters

“Pls aboki, do you have recharge card?”

The sudden familiar, sonorous voice broke through his line of thought. 

The effect seems instantaneous making him visibly shaken like someone convulsing.His heartbeat was on overdrive, skipping erratically it rhythm by the milliseconds and the organ hammering to break through the prison of his ribcage

Silent overshadow all his practised speech like a yokosuna. His mouth glued together effortlessly
he has never been so scared, why now? He unconsciously thought
Her alluring and inviting scent filling his nostrils, an effective curfew against essentially his sense of reasoning

yet he stood, a miracle in itself

Here stood her crush just a few inches from him while he incapacitated of expression
and then she started walking away
he makes a move to go after her
he would have move more step further
but then
The burnt offering aroma fill his lungs, brought about by the unmistakable hatsh, dry harmattan wind
An electric flash fire his brain cell up like someone being electrocuted, jolting him up in a second

His cluttered mind cleared up immediately. He has been lost in thoughts – daydreaming actually

Realising there and then both his dream and reality ain’t fair

Copyrighted ©D’Dream 2016. All rights reserved


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