#Musings – Condemnation



Here I am by my bed, I feel the guilty emotional splash washed over my belly wall continually
A remorseful heart, head hung down, bow in defeat and despair

The teary liquid between my eyelids made my vision blurry, dejected shone brightly on my face

Clasped hand, bended knee, body quaking in rhythmic pattern to the sobs

I have failed Him once more for the umpteenth time

How long will I be chained, tugged along the never ending spirals of self pity and guilt

Would he embrace me now? Would I accept

I feels worthless to be basked in such an embrace so beautiful

The trauma,  pain, depression spread over my soul

Like a dark cloud on a beautiful day

The shiny rays of sun struggling to pass through

Can you hold me now? Will. You Hold me Now

And then I cry, and cry………….

Then I heard a quiet voice, still but firm, encouraging and caressing

There is therefore NOW, no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, for the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has sets you free from the law of sins and death.

Every Blessings,

©D’Dream 2016, All Rights Reserved

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