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Poetic Musings – When you worship 



When you worship

Lifted hands, lifted souls

Eyes shut, spirit lifted

crowns laid down

Raised to ethereal plane

scepter pointed, stillness ensue

Amidst the chaos still

A transport away from the mundane



When you worship

Deep relief seared your souls

Tears respond in snaky path

Washing down the earnest

Of the yearnings wrap up

A squeeze from the dailies

Twisted and tumultuous origin

Sunken deep

As if all once, warm presence embrace

Wrap up in such blessedness

You only response is tears

When you worship

Fears gone, hope rekindled

Heart and mind refreshed

Divinity fusing into humanity

Spiritual mixing with the physical

Veins and cells energized

All you do is knee

Through the awesomeness perceived

Goose bumps juggling through the veins

When you worship

You, angels are leveled at height

Spiritual realities

Gain entrance to the inner court

Away from the grumbling wailers

Thankfulness fills your spirit tank

Exploding mist circle your breathe

Pains trickle down aye! Vaporize

Spring up feet, lighted heart

Lifted burden, hearty as a doe

His presence envelope as a shield

As the cloud against the sun harshness

You feel loved, you are loved fatherly

Immense feelings of joyfulness bound

Where once soul anguish


When you worship

a sailing war-ship to against the waves of hard-ship

Tumbling below are the planktons of life

Amidst the raging torrent

guided by the cool wind from the south

eternal energy smiling from the sky

Look where it glided thee to



Every blessing,

© Copyrighted D’Dream 2016. All rights reserved.








4 thoughts on “Poetic Musings – When you worship 

    1. God be praised. You are the third person telling me this, I think I need to take you guys serious about it.

      Thanks ma’am for reading and your thoughtful comments. Very much appreciated


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