#Musings: Step Out

Afraid of what others will say

Or the diminutive stares

Thou wringle thy hand in defeat and

Shutteth thyself to fate

Languishing in mediocrity

Clothed in despondency hood

Crawling in the slimy puddle of  distrust

Thou should have launched out

But thou are scared to wit

Why are thou afraid?

Of man who shall die

Will thou allow thy dream same fate?

Unshackle thyself from societal customs

And limiting gender perceptions

No excuses, lame or on crutches

Is powerful enough to stop thou

Until when thou makes up thy mind

The journey is still long and weary

For in the end

Only thyself, thou shall blame

While others look on at thou

Expressingly living their life

While thou were foolish

To sabotage thy dreams

For their affirmations

Every Blessings,

TheDreamLodge 2016. All Rights Reserved


7 thoughts on “#Musings: Step Out

  1. Dainty M says:

    Amazing! At the end of the day we will be held accountable for how we used the talents/resources at our disposal. We’ve got to step out and get work done as it has been given to each of us. I like the use of Old King James English πŸ˜€ God bless you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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