When Ordinary Realities Ruffle You. – W.O.R.R.Y 

Will I ever get married?
Don’t worry you will be fine and the special one will come along but till then be your happy self. Marriage doesn’t change anyone or increase happiness, instead maximise your season of singleness, pursue your interests, develop and achieve your dreams, aspiration and be just yourself.

Don’t think not having a significant other is the reason for the loneliness you feel sometimes, it’s a lie. Even married couple still feel lonely. Loneliness is not the absence of people around you, it’s a psychological state that you can decides to deflate instead of allowing it inflict you with depression. I am not against marriage, just be sure you get married for the right reasons and if it doesn’t happen on time, relax.

Will I grow old?
Don’t worry about that, GOD is in charge of that. At least you will be seventy years minimum; you should instead focus on how you want to grow old. This is the time to be more conscious of what goes into your mouth and your system so that you can still have the agility, strength to do whatever you want to do when you get there.

However before you get to be an octogenarian or whatever enjoys the ride. You will be fine when you gets old, just plan accordingly how you want your old age to look like.

How am I going to die?
Losing someone dearest to your heart is painful enough and don’t lose sleep about that aspect. You will be fine and be at peace when it happens. Don’t conjure bad and scary image and circumstances for yourself. For if you are a Christian, you don’t die, you just change address. You simply go home, leaving your earth space suit behind. There is no need to be afraid of death; Jesus has already taken care of that. That is why the bible says there is nothing that can separate us from the love and presence of God, not even death.

Death is inevitable as we will one day change address however instead focus on doing God’s will and living life to it fullness. The truth is the devil becomes more afraid of you when you don’t fear death anymore because he knows he is in trouble.

Will I have kids
? Sure you may or may not. Those who had kid are not better in anyway than those who don’t. Just make your impact, there are a generous number of world changers who never had kids but they left us with their other kids – invention, systems, ideas, concepts and intellectual product we are enjoying today. Such offspring are what we called someone brain child, if your body refuse to produce physical children, allow your brain to then.

Life is becoming more meaningful and worth living now because of the numerous brainchild that were conceive and birthed. Have you have heard about the number of children Toyota has? But we are enjoying Toyota brainchild which is expressed in automobiles we drives and we keep celebrating those brainchild for generations to come. I am not against having children, do al the best you can and seek expert medical view if necessary.

Don’t fret yourself about having physical children. you will have it when it is time and in the right amount you want. Before then have the best of time, love other children, you can foster an orphan or whatever

Will i ever be rich?
Being rich is a relative term that means different things to different people from whatever angle each decides to interpret it significant from. Sometimes our inner disastifaction is not because of lack of material things but discontentment.

Instead of fretting over whether you will be rich or not, pursue another higher plane that transcend riches which is being blessed. You can be rich and not be blessed but you can’t be blessed and not be rich.

Riches that proceed out of the overflow of blessedness is what matter most. Being blessed transcends material possession in whatever form or guise.

Will I be successful? You need to understand that success means different things to different people under different situation they find themselves. Being successful is a relative term because you can be a success at an event, position, and career and however be a failure as a person. We have enough such people of them around in politicians and in other field of human endeavour. Don’t gauge other success on the basis on what they have achieved.

Measuring your success against others success is an invitation ticket to the gloomy land of depression. Just simply determines what being successful means to you not by the world standard. Set your own standard and measure your progress accordingly.

Will i make heaven? Just keep giving yourself spiritual examination every now and then to determine if you are still in sync with your faith, God and his salvation. Be obedient to God command which is to love God and people. I am telling you there is no better way to please God more than these. Upon the love principle is what the bible is all about. Don’t keep judging yourself about all your failures and unfinished spiritual exercise and commitment.

You will be surprise many of those things we worry ourselves don’t really matter when we get over there. Just stay in sync with God, he will continue to guide and correct you along the way. However don’t be so heaven conscious that you become no earthly good. You are not placed here like a matter – just to occupy space. Y

ou could have been transported to heaven immediately you got born again but since that didn’t happen; it means you are still needed here. Yeah it is good to be heaven conscious too while

Every blessings

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18 thoughts on “W.O.R.R.Y

    • D'Dream says:

      Thank God. I’m so humbled it blesses you in a way. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Enjoy the rest of the day


  1. exoticnita54 says:

    Love ❤️ your quote..

    Wait to worry..

    And that list you have is so real..
    people does sit down and worry about things they have no control over. And things that make no sense to even think about much less worry about it..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nedoux says:

    Hi Immanuel,

    How’ve you been?

    I shook my head slowly and smiled as I read this post. I actually read it twice, I wanted to fully absorb the profound message. These are all worries that most people experience, worries about the past, present and future.

    “When Ordinary Realities Ruffle You”. How apt! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • D'Dream says:

      Aunty Nedoux
      I am fine o.
      human are always afraid of the unknown because it is something we have no control of somehow
      thanks so much for reading and leaving such insightful comment.

      Have a lovely week


  3. Courtney says:

    This post really spoke to me! I’ve actually been dealing with some of these exact worries this past summer, and your post was a good reminder to trust God with my future. Also, I just noticed what you did with the word “worry”. Very creative! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  4. savedbygrace2009 says:

    Amen !!! D’Dream you have so much wisdom and I love the way you reach out and grab the hearts of your readers !! That is one of the many gifts God has blessed you with : )
    I especially like the part where you said “don’t be so heaven conscious that you become no earthly good. You are not placed here like a matter – just to occupy space.”
    Everyone is here for purpose that only they can do : )
    Awesome post ! !God bless you !!

    Liked by 2 people

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