Answer the Call

While the world launching deep and wide

Giving heed to dark forces and mediums

Solutions for world problems they search

Wherein lies the solution?

In each of us lies

Calling, calling into deep

The deep neglected in its wakes

Yearning for expression

Waiting for attention

Buried deep in the mind recess

Solution divine packaged since birth

I have no such calling they say

It is reserved for the spiritual and political incline

Thou should shut thy mouth

When thou ask thy nneighbors

What aileth the world at present

wherein solution could be procure

Wherein lies the solutions

The depravity uprising of human inhumanity

Depressed, angry at the forces and power that be

When the kingdom is on thy shoulder

Scepter of revolution and influence within thy border

Why keep ignoring thy calling

Pick up thy brush and paint

Pick up thy pen and write

Strengthen thy feet and run

Open thy mouth and speak

Increase thy knowledge and create

Juggle up thy emotion to care and love

Network thy plans and influence

Let not that which is buried within

Follow thee down the  six feet

Wherein lies humanity answers

Son of man

Pick up the tugging reciever

It is time to answer the call

The world is earnestly groaning

For the manifestations

Of the Sons / daughters of God

Every Blessings,

The Dream Lodge 2016. All Rights Reserved


3 thoughts on “Answer the Call

  1. oyide says:

    Amen! Awesome poem…

    Indeed, like my Brother always says, ‘nothing is a problem until you find a solution to it’.

    In my world, I strongly believe this, ‘you cannot stop someone that was born to speak from speaking’.

    Whatever each of us was gifted by the Lord to do, the earlier we begin doing that, the easier it gets.

    That is a solution to the problem the world faces today.

    Most importantly, the world needs Jesus! Our Saviour. Because when they shall say peace, peace, then sudden destruction. There is no peace without the Prince of Peace.

    We need more Jesus…


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