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3 Day Quotes Challenge (2)


E.A.ADEBOYE: Humility is not stupidity or mediocrity. You can live in humility, purity and prosperity at the same time.

W.F.KUMUYI: Holiness is not a big deal but the real deal. And holiness is never an excuse for poverty. You can be richly holy.

I don’t think I need write a long explanatory on the quotes above. however One thing the devil has for several years rob the Christendom of is widespread erroneous  belief that riches and holiness does not mix. In fact rich people were not allow into the churches those day, no wonder the secular were able to mockingly coin the phrase “as poor as a church mouse”. How degrading for the experiences of poverty for the church that Christ died for. How can Christ be called the King of kings and his followers wallow in lack , poverty and want.

Thank God for the ministers God uses over the years to break through the cobweb lies. I wish above all things that you prosper, be in health and that your soul prosper. It means growth, wealth and riches in your soul, body and spirit is God’s desire for every of his sons and daughter.

The truth is you cant serve effectively if you are poor and struggling to make end meet. It is possible to suffer in poverty here on earth and still miss heaven somehow if care is not taken.

God is the most holy, righteous, wealthiest, and richest being in the whole universe and the owner of the numerous natural resources humans are killing and waging wars over. To paint a glimpse of God’s wealth and holiness, his eyes is too pure to behold evil , yet  houses foundation for the redeemed in heaven are not built with brick but solid, purest  of diamond and gold!

Even the wealthiest man on planet earth dare not build his house with gold not to talk using gold to build his house foundation.

Don’t pretend to hate wealth or money yet silently wish for  it Having money is good. Money is amoral; it is neither good nor bad. Money only reveal the character of the person who possess it. That’s why Holiness which is one of the characters of God, is a good character state to handle money and wealth effectively.

Have you heard the prayer of Jabez? Part of his prayer read……………. Lord please enlarge my coast!

Living small lives doesn’t impress God using righteousness as an excuse either; dream BIG because you are child of a BIG GOD. Father Abraham, Job, King David, Isaac were all rich and yet righteous people. Don’t allow the enemy to rob you of your inheritance.

Someone will say “don’t bite more than you can chew” that is a small life and mediocrity living talks. I will rather say “bite more than you can chew and God will help you to chew it

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11 thoughts on “3 Day Quotes Challenge (2)

  1. First I love the first quote – humility is truly one of my favorite character traits – I recently saw Tim Tebow popular football quarterback for the Florida Gators and Denver Broncos – but now living to share Jesus in his prison ministry and other organizations he started.
    I thought with his popularity he probably would not be humble – I was so wrong … and he is using his wealth to help others –
    All through your post I found myself saying AMEN : ) Thank you for your heart and for inspiring others. Please keep using your gifts for His glory !!!

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    1. Amen! To God alone be all the glory. Its not of him that will or of him that runneth but God that show mercy.

      Thanks so much ma’am for the always encouraging comments.

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