#Musings 11

As I lie exhausted star shaped on my bed

Weakened of the day job

Tired and seemingly overwhelmed

I was about dozing off

A beauty sleep at least I am entitled to

Suddenly a rukus ensue in the house nearby

Fists fly, blood splutters, bone creaks

Ground tremble, another domestic violence

Why has love fly through the window, 

Why is it so hard to find now

The charming princess once adored now a punching bag

The knight in shining armor now an idol to be raised curses atop

Names calling, blackmail speeches, 

heart wrenching hurtful explesives flew as daggers 

I wonder and I wonder

Where do the sweet names I heard they called themselves gone

Do I have a hope of a blissful union? 

I wonder……… I wonder

Last time I saw them, they were holding hands

Giggling and smilling like little kids

What changed? , what happened?

Is this the way to treat your darling?

Now tomorrow I will be ashamed to called them parents

My peers mockingly made snide remarks

How do I continued like this

I wish I was never born to this family

Tears stream down my eyes

The noise and fisticuffs has died down now

The pain of bearing this still hurts my soulsoul

Scarred for life

Stop Domestic Violence

Every Blessings,


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9 thoughts on “#Musings 11

  1. I absolutely second what Dainty has written and even I fail to understand what life is all about when two people are so much in love, but a little misunderstanding makes them hate each other. Such a beautiful poem. Loved it.


  2. It’s so sad that a lot of homes have been riddled by domestic violence. This indeed speaks for kids who have had to hold their hands on their ears and shut their eyes as the tears flow. Beautiful and soulful piece this is! ❤

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