#Writing · Life · Poem


Like a cocoon, weave together in such expertise that could only be divine

each layer of space embedded with traces of humanity imaginable

each fabric makeup interdependent of the strength of another

a loopy loop cords that binds with natural glues

fixate and placed intricately and delicately under the ever watchful 

and sometimes nonchalant lord called Time

whose office spacious but teeming with activities 

Time second secretary furiously working overtime

dragging along the entire crew of hours along 

– a whole reluctant lots

some occupant of the cocoon displaying several 

and all manners of characters and emotions

karma kindly taking notes however

Life the over-arching Lord beaming

©D’Dream 2016. All Rights Reserved


5 thoughts on “Humanity 

    1. Hiiiiii Chanel! thanks for coming around. i know i have gone AWOL on your blog for a while. I promise to turn a new leaf when i resume blogging.
      Thanks so much.

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