The Best Policy

In a not so far away land, an aging King realized that if he died, he has no one to take over the throne.

After much consultation with elders and chiefs of his kingdom, He decided to adopt a son.

He announced and launched a competition involving many youths of the kingdom and 10 boys made it to the top after series of highly competitive games and tests that lasts for 4 days.

The 10 boys were then presented to the King at the Palace. Each of the boys introduced by names to the king by one of the King foremost guard.

After a brief congratulatory speech, the King said to them, “I have one last test and whoever comes top will become my adopted son and heir to my throne”.

Each face of the boys literally lit up with overwhelmed joy and anticipation

The King stood up from his throne and personally gave each boy a seed of corn and told them to take the seed home, plant and nurture it for 3 weeks. After which they are to present those nurtured seed for inspection.

The 10 boys took their seeds and ran home to plant their seeds.

In one home, the boy and his parents were sad when the seed failed to sprout. The boy had done everything he knew and more but failed.

His concerned friends advised him to buy a seed and plant it but his God fearing parents who had always taught him honesty refused.

The day came and the 10 boys went to the palace. All the 9 boys were successful.

The 10th boy was ashamed and couldn’t understand how they got the corn seed given to each of them to sprout while his refused.

He suspected foul play but since he had no evidence, he waves the thoughts aside

The King went to each boy asking – “Is that what came out of the seed I gave you?” And each boy said “Yes, your majesty”. The King would nod and move down the line until the last boy in the line who was shaking with fear.

The King asked him – “What did you do with the seed I gave you?” The boy replied “I planted it and cared for it your majesty but it failed to sprout.”

The King went to the throne with the boy and said, “I gave these boys boiled seeds and a boiled seed cannot sprout.

Everyone present at the palace was surprised

He continued his speech “If a King must have one quality at all , it ought to be honesty and only this boy passed the test.”

You see we live in a society where people will do anything for success. And I mean literally anything as long as the end justify the means which is a warped way of thinking

How many people do you know out there have achieved “success” the wrong way?

How many people send their children to expensive schools and build houses, buy expensive cars with stolen money?

How many people are occupying top positions with stolen or forged certificates?

How many people are successful out there at all costs? Even to the extremes

Joshua 1:8 last 2 sentence is ” shall have good success” which also points to the fact that there are bad success.

Are you pulling and tearing others down to moved up the corporate ladders?

Ever wondered why some of those who got wealthy or achieved so called success lived confused lives? it reflects in their family lives and health wise.

Some of them are servicing sickness and terminal diseases or wayward children

Its only the Lord’s blessing that maketh rich and add no sorrow.

it is possible to be rich and wealthy and not be blessed. But you cant be blessed and not be rich.

God’s blessings is superior to riches and wealth because His blessing is all encompassing.

Lets go for the blessings of God and not coveteousness.
Every Blessings,

D’Dream 2016. All Rights Reserved.


4 thoughts on “The Best Policy

  1. This story touched me so deeply and yes so true each and every word of your post. That is the main reason our world is suffering cause the main root is selfishness for me and mine. No one thinks for the humanity, only our Lord but he also cannot do anything. Nice post.

    Liked by 1 person

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