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A man went fishing

He caught many that filled a basket. But then he began to do something strange.

A keen fisherman watching him from a distance went up to him to find out reasons for the action

‘Hey man, how you doing?’

‘I am great pal, hope you are enjoying fishing’

‘yeah, pardon me. Can I ask you something?’

‘sure, go on’

‘why are you throwing some of the fish you caught back into the river’

‘……..nothing really’

‘but I can see those in your fish bucket are really small compare to the ones you have been throwing back into the stream’

‘well you see………….’

‘ hope I am not intruding your privacy’

‘no, not at all, actually I am a bachelor and have a small frypan. You see this stick?’ dangling before  him a stick

‘what about it?’

‘well this stick is same as the diameter of my frypan. So I measure every fish I catch against it length . Any fish whose length is longer than this stick is thrown back into the stream’

The man was shocked and perplexed. He regain his shock

‘but why’ he probed further

‘obviously because my frypan is too small to accommodate  big fishes’

‘pardon if I may ask, how long have you been doing this?’

‘well  since college days’ he enthused

‘ have you oftentimes thought of changing your frypan size?’

‘of course!, but it is not necessary’


‘because it is a special gift from granny, I wont want to lose such a great piece of inheritance, it is such a great deal and it means so much to me’


small mind reject  big dreams, big mind attracts and embrace big dreams. a good tree cannot produces bad fruits likewise bad trees.


Written by Immanuel

The Dream Inc (2016) All rights  and copyrights reserved

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6 thoughts on “Perception

    1. You see the danger of lone view of a situation. I didn’t envision the different lessons you brought out from the post.

      Thanks so much for the comment!


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