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Secrets of Successful Blogging

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One of those lessons I learnt very early in life is this: “when life pass you a bag of cookies, take a few and pass the rest”.

 By the mercies of God I have been trying by best to live by  this principle even when it doesn’t make sense.

A scenario is when a wad of cash thrown in the crowd on a street, or a candy thrown in the midst of a group of toddlers – I think you will have a good idea of what I am talking about.

The truth is, it is human very nature to always grab all we can without thinking of others. Selfishness runs at the core of our being, it takes conscious efforts to give selflessly without reward of any kind

One strong qualities I have discovered about myself  is that I have this talent/gift in digging out information (relevant and irrelevant); maybe I should have been a detective, Lol.

For some months now I have been digging up and deep information on many topics that caught my fancy, blogging being one of them

It is a pleasure to be present some of that information that could help blogging and writers in general

Some of those blogging tips I will be sharing with my fellow bloggers and readers were written by amazing bloggers. Actually some of the information are in bits – a little here and there which I had to merge together for your reading pleasure and application.

Personally I’m still working on some of the information myself but like I said from the onset of this write-up, I’m passing the cookie jar up to readers of this blog.

Some might be questioning my credibility about these things, but I’m not too bothered about that

also I am not really bothered if a reader went ahead of me in the blogging sphere and general terrifying traffics and readership by the application of this blogging tips.

As long as my conscience is cleared about sharing, I am good

Sorry I digress, so Enough chit chat

Let delve into today’s subject matter………..

Have you ever wondered why some bloggers have such a big following and readership? I have wondered a thousand times myself

 I have been able to figure out why?

 It’s because they follow a simple formula

  • Creating killer content
  • Consistency in doing so
  • They update their blog regularly (not necessary every day)
  • They constantly engage their audience through meaningful social media posts and in the comment section of their blog.

I believe if we writers imbibe this formula, we will experience increase in our readership and blog visits

Please if you are a new blogger, kindly take note of these blogging tips and apply them. I am beginning to apply them myself.

To your success

Every Blessing,

D’Dream 2016. All Rights Reserved

PS: I will be presenting an eye opening blogging tips post next week Wednesday on 5 things to include in every blog post.

Watch this space


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