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#Musings 16 – Exodus



The moon shone across the land as it custom is

There is something so beautiful about the moon tonight

I can’t describe it , I feel perhaps it’s the new hope I have just found

A new lens to look through the mundane but beautiful phenomena

The air of our abode was thick with excitements and happiness

It could be only be sliced I think with a chain saw

The good news spread wildly after pharaoh gave the verdict

God really bless Mr. Moses for coming to our rescue

He was an ex convicted murderer but does that matters now anyway

Neighbors who have been hostile for years and months

Ha! I still remembered that our neighbor cousins that ignores our greetings

And those who have STINGY spelled on their forehead

And happily robed with INDIFFERENCE suddenly begins to gift us things

We have started packing the little household items we have managed to possess over the years

Our family head told us to travel light because it’s going to be very long journey

A journey through the dreaded, sandy and unpaved land called DESERT

My son Joshua is seen jumping all over the place

Freedom never feels so good

Finally we are going home, peaceful home without worries

This poem is an imaginative potrayal of the night the Israelites were leaving Egypt after years of slavery


   D’Dream 2016 .All Rights Reserved

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