Stripped Coats and God’s Covering


I want to start off this post by saying our God is an awesome and miracle working God. You see it can be quite hard comprehending this even if you have read and heard about God’s acts in the lives of others. When it happens to you on a personal level, you can be sure to believe more and it will be hard to shut up

There was a gentle man or rather a teenager by the name Joseph; he was so loved by his father perhaps because of the circumstances that surround his birth. So Joseph father Isaac got him a coat of many color and we all know the rest of the story. What I want to point out from the story is an incident that happens before Joseph got sold into cruel slavery.

His own brother conspires against him when he was sent by his father to go check them up. And guess what they took first when they decides to carry out their conspiracy? – His coat of many colors.

No matter the conspiracy of the enemy that culminates in them taking your coat ; which could come in different shades and form. It could be financial problems, losing a job, having a heartbreak, joblessness, sickness and diseases.

I want you to know that the enemy might succeed in taking your coat; they really thought you’d be finished, demoralized and exposed by taking off your coat but the devil is a liar. Because he may take your coats but you still got the covering.


You may be going through some financial mess but God still got you covered. Perhaps you have had to endure the sneers, jeers and side talks from those dear to you, asking you where your God is.

You may be experiencing chronic loneliness, extreme suicidal thoughts and depression but God still got you covered because you didn’t lose your mind. You may have lost your job but God still got you covered because one way or the other you are still surviving and being supplied. Someone you trusted so much betrayed you? God still got you covered. You lost a child or husband? God still got you covered.

The devil was after your dreams, visions and purpose. You may have been wondering why you are going through so much, what you nees to understand is great men are born out of great crises, the extent of your messes determines the depth of your message. The enemy qill use anything and anyone  to influence people and circumstances and situation to make you lose hope and give up but he is not aware that only the purpose of God shall stand. God purpose on your life must be fulfilled that’s why you can’t die yet and the devil can’t kill you too
I don’t know what you are going through right now, really tough challenges maybe in several spheres of your life. I want you to know that whatever the enemy has stolen from you, God is still in charge.
The enemy may have taken your coats; your favorite and important coat but remember that you still possess God’s covering which is worth more than anything in the world. As long you still stay under the shadow of the Almighty shall abide (they can’t be frustrated into surrender but continuing in the call of God over the life, fulfilling destiny)





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