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Anatomy of a Killer Post

Hi Lodgers,

You might be wondering why I am referring you by that salutation.

It is borne out of my affection for my readers and also from my belief that every one of us is a lodger, a walking house on two legs full of potential, dreams, inventions, products, writings, poems, songs and aspirations.

Inside of you and me lies great abilities that we never knew we had or we are discovering about ourselves.

We are simple an inexhaustible lodgers of gifting and abilities, so when next I refer to you as a lodger, I hope you guys get the drift.

First of all let me appreciate your warm receptions of the maiden blogging tips.

I am grateful for the response I received from previous post on the same line, I appreciate you all

Just as I promised last week, I am excited to present to you another eye opening and exciting blogging tips.


Anatomy of a Killer Post

5 Things to Include In Every Blog Post


  1. An attention-grabbing title.  Think of the title of each blog entry as your “book jacket”.  People will determine whether or not your blog is worth reading in a matter of seconds (it is a sad reality).

If the title is blasé, your bounce rate is going to be high and your retention or readership and followership rate is going to be low.

It’s hard to win over a reader after they’ve decided that your blog is useless or non interesting to them.

  1. A high quality, relevant photo.  You don’t have to post a picture under every paragraph but you should at minimum have a least one to two photos per blog post.

If you take them yourself, you get bonus points.

 If you don’t possess any camera skills, you can always purchase images  or download free photos from popular stock photography website like Shutterstock or Dreamstime.

In the event of a free download picture, kindly indicate the source. Be ethical

  1. A hook that captivates the audience.  So much content is recycled that you have to approach subjects in a fresh and exciting way.

the truth no matter how sanctimonious we might act, we get hooked somewhat

How will you grab the interest of your readers?

Will you share a personal story with them?

Will you speak out on a controversial subject?

What makes you different is what makes you interesting.

Don’t write for the sake of writing.

Write as a way to express yourself and the ideologies that you believe in.

Write to stay on top of current events.  Write to address customer questions and concerns.

  1. Headers, subheaders, and bulleted or numbered lists.  Scrolling through paragraph after paragraph of blocky text is annoying.

No one in their right mind will spend time reading blogs if they don’t have some type of formatting.

Clumsy arrangement of your articles/posts can be annoying and an eyesore

Headers, subheaders, and lists give readers a break from the monotony of text.

 It also allows them to quickly scan the blog for the information that they need quickly and effectively.

 Everyone loves a list so include one whenever possible.

  1. Links to authoritative websites.  If you refer to another website in your post, make sure to link to it.

 You can set it up so that your reader never leaves your page.  Instead, the link opens in another window.

Find out who pulls weight in the industry you’re writing for.  Link to their website.  They may reward you by doing the same on their website.

If you’re known for great content, no matter how old your blog is, you’ll start to see people visiting from other sites.  Take advantage of this as much as possible.

It’s like guest blogging without needing to write a word.

At this point I do like to state there that your blog doesn’t have to be updated several times daily to be effective.

Think about it.  Quality trumps quantity every day of the week.

It is better to write shareworthy posts and you’ll get the traffic you need to your website or blog.  People will want to know what you have to say.  They’ll look forward to reading your blog.

Follow the simple formula listed above to write blog posts that promote your business, articles or post.

It might look like work but it will be worth it when the traffic and readership start coming and rolling in

 You’ll be astounded at how quickly you’ll build a following.  Whatever the objective is for your blog, you’ll achieve it successfully in very little time by following the advice listed above.

Every Blessings,

TheDreamLodge 2016. All Rights Reserved


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