The Promise


Will God throw away His magnificent creation?

While dining at the home of a prominent Pharisee, Jesus told a parable about a man who planned a great banquet and invited many guests. When it came time for the party to begin, the invited guests sent “regrets,” offering pathetic excuses as to why they could not attend.

This made the host angry. So, he sent his servants out to invite everyone…the poor, the blind, the lame…saying that “none of those who were invited will ever taste my great feast.”

Jesus is making a point to which we must all pay attention. He has invited us to the greatest party that will ever be given…a life in Eternity with Him.

Some have replied with a resounding, “Yes, I cannot wait to attend. ”But, there will be many who are simply, and foolishly, too busy with their earthly lives to accept his invitation.

Make sure that you have sent a R.S.V.P. to His invitation. This is a party you and your loved ones will not want to miss.

Luke 14:16-23

Source: Journey with Jesus

The Dream Media (2016). All Rights Reserved


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