8 ways GOD speaks

In the past when i was young and new to Christianity,  I used to be skeptical of people around me who told me God told them to this or that? I usually think they are a bunch of disillusioned folks, making or acting everything up.

That was then until I began to hear God for myself.

Someone might ask, what does God sounds like?

I could describe it in a way that you may understand but might not be able to connect with.

For example, I could described to you how my mum sound while talking but until you hear her yourself, all you’d have on your head will be vague.

But the underlying principle of how God sounds like is this: GOD voice is usually authoritative, non judgmental and unbelievable calm

Going through the bible you will find out that it was all about God speaking to people. I mean he speak to every of the bible characters one way or the other.
God spoke to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, David, Solomon, Isaiah, and Jeremiah and coming to the New Testament, God spoke to Jesus and all the apostles.
In Scripture we can find God speaking through peals of thunder, pillars of cloud, flaming bushes, even donkeys

. We probably have read and hear numerous stories of how he displays his presence through the beauty of creation how it is is fully revealed in the face of Jesus.
Hearing from God as Christians is supposed to be natural as a baby easily pick up the language of his parents.
The key to effective communicate is Listening and Response and Action (Feedback)
You can’t claim to have effective communicate with someone except there is a feedback
We need to understand that God is a communicating God. He is talking to you in different ways but the trouble is, we aren’t listening or we pretend not to listen because He isn’t saying what we want to hear.
So how might we expect him to speak to us personally? Here are 4 ways, I will put up the other four tomorrow as the whole thing was more than 2000 words – too lengthy.

1. Dreams and Visions

Joel 2:28 and Act 2 talks about God intention to speak to us in dreams and visions.

Acts 5 also relates to us how God gave instructions to Apostle Peter to visit someone through a vision. How about the dreams of Joseph, Daniel and his colleague. It is therefore true that God speaks to people through dreams and vision today.

Personally God speaks to me through Dreams a lot and visions frequently especially in what is often referred to as ‘trance’

Don’t worry, I am not a phys-co. It is just the way it is. This does not make me spiritually superior or anything, it is a gift – I have nothing to do with it.

It is okay if you don’t dream a lot me, God is definitely speaking to you in another way. You just have to discover it

2. An Audible Voice

God does sometimes speak audibly to people today. Here’s one powerful example.

Personally I have heard God this way twice. First was when he told me “You are ready to hear me, when you hear me” and the other was “When poverty becomes a mindset, money become scarce” – The voice was authoritative yet somehow soothing and calming.

When God is the one speaking to you audibly, you will just know He is the one – I don’t know how to explain that. There wouldn’t be any element of doubt either

Take note however of any voice that makes you fearful or push you to do something without your will, such voice isn’t from God.

God leads, he doesn’t push, though he might continually repeat instructions when you aren’t willing to obey especially when it is really important.

God always respect the human will, if doesn’t everyone on planet earth ought to have become a Christian by now

3 An ‘Inner’ Voice
Elijah expected to hear God in some loud, sensational way, but ended up hearing him through a ‘gentle whisper’. The early church sensed God speak through their peaceful agreement that “seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us”.
This inner voice is often described as the ‘still, small voice’, this is a more frequent form of divine guidance. God whispers to us in our souls, through a particular thought, or a peaceful sense of ‘knowing’.
I have noticed that It usually sounds strong and authoritative, but also kind and fatherly.

This inner voice usually broke through our current line of thought.
Just yesterday night, I was completely engrossed in washing my uncle’s car with a music blaring through my ear from my phone hands-free.

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting or thinking about anything in particular but the content of the instruction was to restrict of myself to certain blogs in order to improve my writing and blog content quality
But like all forms of guidance, we should seek confirmation from others to be sure we’ve heard from God; it’s easy to mistake his inner voice for our own thoughts and desires.
But if the voice you hear is harsh, critical, compulsive or full of angst, think twice about its origin.

4. Through Another’s Voice
Our God is deeply relational, and will often speak to you through others. This can be through ‘ordinary’ means like a pastor, mentor or friend giving us wise advice, or a teacher who gives us truth to live by. Or it can be through more ‘dramatic’ ways, like when God reveals something to someone they otherwise wouldn’t know about us and you are like “How did this person knows I really need to hear this and funnily enough the other person have no idea about anything
God often use this method for christians new to the faith or to confirm what He told you before.
For example maybe God told you to write a book but you are not sure about the whole thing. Then he might speak through a friend or any other person even a stranger who might begins a conversation about you writing a book and sometimes even providing the publishing house or people to provide helps you might need
Is there you feel God has spoken to you? Or perhaps you thinks you havent heard from God at all. Leave a comment and let talk about it

Every Blessings,


This blog post will be concluded tomorrow, watch out

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4 thoughts on “8 ways GOD speaks

    • D'Dream says:

      You are absolutely right Damola. A sensitive spirit is one of the fundamental key to hear. but I’d add the willingness to obey. No matter how sensitive we are, we need to develop the willingness to obey because some times what the HolySpirit will tell us to do will be difficult.

      Thank so much for your insightful comment. I really appreciate

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