8 ways God Speaks (2)

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You can read the first part of this post Here where discussed four of the eight ways God speaks to us, so today’s post will be the concluding part.

Lets begin already………………………….

   5. Through the Needs of the World

One night I was a reading a christian book and when I came across a page where the author wrote about abortion break God’s heart. An overwhelming emotion came surging through my being and unexpectedly I began to cry.

I believe God was telling me to speak out against abortions.

I wanted to writes about it but I was too overwhelmed so I wrote a poem – you can read the poem here

Here is a story that relate to this > Late one night many years ago, David Wilkerson opens a copy of Life magazine and stares at an artist’s impression of a boy, one of seven on trial for murder. Unexpectedly he begins to cry. In that moment he hears a command: “Go to New York City and help those boys”.

 Against all logic he obeys and founds Teen Challenge, which today has among the highest success rates of drug and alcohol recovery programs in the world.

God speaks by direct address, through a whisper, or another’s voice, and sometimes he speaks through the needs of the world, be they humanitarian, spiritual, intellectual, or artistic.

“The place God calls you to is where the world’s deep hunger and your deep gladness meet.”- Frederick Buechner

  1. Through Our Lives

“We sleep and dream,” Buechner writes in The Sacred Journey. “We wake. We work. We remember and forget. We have fun and are depressed. And into the thick of it, or out of the thick of it, at moments of even the most humdrum of our days, God speaks.”

This means is  particularly helpful when it comes to seeking career direction. Through a variety of shaping forces, God has made us in a particular way, with particular gifts, interests and ambitions – all of which can be listened to when deciding how best to invest our lives.

Asking these questions can however help here:

  • Your godly desires: What do I love to do? When do I feel most alive?
  • Your godly ambitions: What do I dream of doing?
  • Your godly gifts and talents: What am I most effective at doing?


  1. Knowing

Have you ever asked somebody something and you just suddenly know the person reply is a lie. You don’t understand how you know but you just know. Perhap you are driving to work and suddenly sense an urgent urge to pray for one of your close or distance family. You don’t know exactly what is wrong but you just know they are in danger or something.

Experiencing a knowing or rather a sudden awareness of things, people intent and circumstances you wouldn’t ordinarily have acces to  could be the way God speaks to you.

Sometimes we have blamed ourselves for not obeying this voice because we felt it was weird or from ourselves

8.  Through the Bible

I actually decide to mention the Bible last because it is first in priority and the judge of everything mentioned above.

How can you be sure the voice, whisper, circumstance, or need you’re hearing is God, and not your own thoughts, desires, or culture speaking?

By comparing it to scripture you will realised that God won’t contradict something he’s already said.

For example when God speaks to me through dreams, I look for key element in the dream to found out if it complies with the bible.

One time I had a dream where I was told I had HIV. I woke up scared, many things and questions were running through my mind. Could it be? Have I sinned and what sin would make God to want to punish me with HIV.

Amidst the whole thing, I heard an inner voice that says ”God will only speak peace to his people”, I didn’t know the exact scripture reference for what I heard so I looked it up on google and found out it was written in Psalm 58:8.

The scripture automatically diffuse the dream fear and paralysis effect on me

Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free the bible say and thats

The Bible is the historically attested, divinely-inspired revelation of God’s personality and record of his involvement in the world. It exposes the deepest desires of our heart, reveals God’s will, and is his primary channel of communication.

I have heard God’s voice on occasion through much of what I’ve shared above. But I regularly hear his voice through scripture.

Talk to Me

What have you learnt about hearing God’s voice?

 Leave a comment below ,You can also share to help others discover it!

Every Blessing,


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