Importance of Mission over Popularity


Hi Friends, How has been your week, I trust it has been great.

I haven’t able to put up anything here for days now, it is not that I have not being writing, network issue over here has been de-motivating at the least.

An awesome Lawyer  and blogger asked me to guest post on her incredible, awesome and exciting blog.

Having done so, here is an excerpt from the post…….


Have you been part of a group that was inaugurated to carry out a very definite and important task.

Every member of the group contributed tirelessly to the success of the project, and then at the end of the completed task, your efforts wasn’t recognized when roll call was taken or at worst your name wasn’t even submitted or included in the final group membership list?

How did you feel? What plethora of emotions ran through your being?

Did you get angry? Accused the company or the leader of the team of being selfish and inconsiderate?

Retired yourself voluntarily from the company?

Fought for your right?

Or simply keep silent while others enjoy the shows of applause, handshakes, recognition, award and reward.

Now imagine you were that one person?

What will you do? Just take a moment to think about it?

What will be your reaction if you were that one person?

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Every Blessings,

The Dream (2017). All Rights Reserved.


2 thoughts on “Importance of Mission over Popularity

  1. Bisola says:

    Great post. And I love the title. We ought to focus more on getting the job done as opposed to our own feelings of self Importance. May not be easy but we can try.

    Liked by 1 person

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