Songs of the Night


Good Morning Friends, This is one of those short, impromptu and unplanned post. I just had to post this before it skips my mind

I heard this song in my dream this morning and it really blessed me. The lyrics musicals were so powerful and soul lifting. You see oftentimes I woke up in the morning with a song in my heart – some familiar and some inspired. I had a couple of these inspired songs written down in my diary right now, but since I’m not musically inclined (I don’t even know how to play a piano sef), I don’t know what to do with them.

So what I do is churn up the musicals to the songs over and over in my head while singing these songs on repeat any time i remember them or while going through my journal.Many of these songs usually blesses me, speaks to the situation I am in at that point in time or reassure me of God’s love, protection and care

The lyric of the song goes I received this morning goes like this………

Covenant keeping God

Satisfy my soul today

Satisfy my soul today

Satisfy my soul (sustained)


I just hope, these lyrics speak to  and blesses someone today.

PS: I’d love any of my readers who is blessed musically to turned up this lyric by adding the necessary beats, tune and all. I do love to listen to the outcome. Permit me to add that the tempo of this particular lyric is slow, something like a worship song

Have an awesome day.

Every Blessing,





  1. I like your name “God with us.” I like your song also. We pray in all kinds of way. Your song is a beautiful prayer. Thanks for the follow. My blog is about the journey of my faith, manifests in all kinds of ways. Even when I take a photo, I thank God for what I could capture!


    • Hi Debs, where have you been?! Lol . Been checking updates on your website but none, no reply to my mail too. Hope you dey kampe?! 😉

      Lol @ not gifted with the musical chord. Who know maybe I should present this lyric to the choir master or keyboardist of my church, perhaps they could find something to do with it.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving an interesting comment.

      Enjoy the rest of the week

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    • Oh, I replied the mail immediately, guess it bounced back and I was here wondering why you did not respond. Would re forward to you shortly.

      For the absence of posts on my website, too much uncoordinated thoughts in my head. I’m still trying to steady them into reasonable string of words. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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