#Musings 14

water water everywhere but none to drink

girls, girls everywhere but no one to date

ladies, ladies everywhere but none to marry

Food, food everywhere but none to eat

Job, job everywhere but none to employ


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peace, peace everywhere but none to grab

love, love everywhere but none to give

muscle , muscle everywhere but none to fight

God,  God everywhere but none willing to seek

Happiness, happiness everywhere but none to share with

The pessimists always sees the problems and feel overwhelmed 

Look and expect to see and experience the  good in others and circumstances

There is abundance everywhere

There is love everywhere 

You only percieve and expeeience what you seek

Make lemonade with every lemons throw your way

For its a test to your resolve whether you are worth what you want

Expect the worst and experience the worse

You only experience what you expect

Son of man, What do you see?

There is always a silver lining if only you look and percieve well.

Beyond the present,  beyond the shore 

Every Blessings,

The Dream 2017.All Rights Reserved 


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    • Thanks so much for visiting aΓ±d leaching a kind comment. Hope to see you around often. You have an amamaaaazing blog, gathering momentum to invade shortly


  1. Great πŸ‘ and I agree wholeheartedly with your words they Are so true and god is always there with us but our human selfish nature has made our world like this. He cannot do anything right now he is still waiting. But trust him who knows all.

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  2. I’m just excited to see the Lifetime movie network pick it up and make a movie from it! LOL Always so beautiful. You give life to words as life has truly been given to you! You’ve moved mountains which is the easiest part. Now, you’ve moved hearts. Thanks also for allowing the Lord to move inside you!

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  3. A very positive message.

    For the pessimistic, there will be scarcity even when there’s apparent abundance. Yet, for the optimistic there will be abundance even when their is obvious scarcity.

    It’s all about one’s perception. πŸ™‚

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    • True that! Its all about perception which distinguishes action and reaction
      Thanks for your insightful comment.

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  4. God gave us free will and we are given the opportunity to choose – thank you for reminding me this morning that I will reap what I sow – I love when you wrote Son of God what do you see : )
    We need to see all things through His eyes not our own and follow Him – thank you & God’s blessings to you always continue sharing your heart for Jesus !!!

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