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Condemned (Poem)


Here I am by my bed,

Guilty emotional splash washed over my belly wall continually

A remorseful heart, head hung down

bowed in defeat and despair

The teary liquid seeps between  eyelids making vision blurry,

dejection illuminate brightly in dark areas

Clasped hand, bended knee, body quaking in rhythmic pattern to the sobs

I have failed Him once more for the umpteenth time I muttered

emotional numbness and heart wrenching self beat

How long will I be chained, tugged along the never ending spirals of self pity and guilt

 Would he embrace me now?

would he even hear me out?

I don’t think so, I look stupid asking

worthless being like me don’t deserved to  basked in such an embrace so beautiful

or qualify for the burden to be lighten

Can you hold me now?

And I cry, and I cry………….

Then I heard a quiet voice, still , firm, encouraging and caressing

There is therefore now, no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, for the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has sets you free from the law of sins and death.

Every Blessings,

Immanuel (D’Dream)

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17 thoughts on “Condemned (Poem)

    1. Really? Wow, I gotta got over your blog then to read your take.

      Thank God! and thanks so much for the kind comment. I appreciate your coming around, hope to stay too.
      Enjoy the rest of the week


  1. I think that as Christians we go through all those times of guilt when we are like…dang!! I have gone back to this again maybe I shouldn’t even bother, God won’t answer me again.
    In that moment, we have to remember even more that He is watching and waiting for us to restore us with outstretched arms


    1. Exactly
      Even the Bible said the righteous fall seven times. But the devil can so magnify our failings that we our view of God outstretched arm is not in view.
      But blesses be God who restores us back to himself in love.

      Thanks Damola for sharing your testimony with us. Have a wonderful weekend


  2. “There is therefore now, no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, for the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has sets you free from the law of sins and death.” – Such hope and confidence these words bring!

    Thank you D’Dream for this reminder that everything we need to stay strong in God’s abundant love and forgiveness is in the word.

    PS: I love your blog! Your words are rich in wisdom, insight and easy to relate with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely! Many times we are not able to remind ourselves those powerful scriptures in the face of magnified tricks of the enemy.
      Thanks so much for your kind comment. God be praised for everything.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this post. It’s something most of us have encountered at one point or the other.
    I think guilt and condemnation are Satan’s tools. And unfortunately they are effective ones. We have to learn that no matter how low we sink or have sunk, God still loves us. It’s important that we embrace that love and ask for forgiveness instead of allowing guilt draw us farther apart.
    I have been thinking of writing a post on how to handle guilt from past deeds, especially pre born again era and how to get past some awful things we may have done. It’s still in my head though. I hope to arrange it and actually write it. Lol.
    How are you Immanuel?

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    1. Thank God. I was nodding while reading your comment and was like preach it! preach it!!.

      I actually wrote this poem last year while I was under such deep condemnation mess. And just like you wrote, it was draining me in all aspect.

      I cant wait to read your perspective, Thanks so much for the insight your comment provided.
      Have a wonderful weekend


    2. I actually wrote this poem late last year when I was going through some real, deep and weighing down episodes of condemnation and guilt. It was in the midst of the whole traumatic experience that I penned those words down, I just felt I should encourage someone by posting it, especially someone who might be going such experience.

      Thanks for the insightful angle you brought in by your comment, I was actually nodding and screaming in my head “Preachit!”, Preach it!!”

      Thanks so much for stopping by, cant wait to read your perspective on this topic of guilt and condemnation.

      Have a fabulous weekend


  4. Personally I’ve had my encounters with guilt and I felt every word of this poem. Thank God for that scripture which pronounces us ‘Not Guilty’. I love how you express yourself freely on your blog, making us connect with you even more. Love the new logo! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi, the awesome DaintyM!
      Your comment brought smile to heart – I appreciate your kind and encouraging words.
      It’s been God though, the source of my inspiration, all Glory to Him

      “Love your new logo!”…….. Thanks dear even though I thought it look overbearing, Lol
      God bless you real good


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