One of the major factors that can contribute to the success of failure of anyone in career promotion is the factor off your boss at work. Many of us are so drunk with our qualifications, the institutions we graduated from, our personality even our potentials.

Yeah  I know some bosses can be nasty and some considered them as necessary evil because truth be told, many of them are but again you still them

Have you ever noticed that when a company is bothering for who to lay off they go by the record in the human resource department combined with the opinion of your boss and not by the opinion of other staff in your company?

Then it is very important for you to merge the opinion of your boss about you especially in work matters

When you are newly posted to a company or just got a new boss, the first thing to do is to study the work value and work style of your boss, learn what he likes  and dislikes and align yourself with these

The truth is, in career your feeling don’t really count and your opinion about how work should be done remain just your opinion. Never apply if it is contrary to the opinion of your boss. For example if your boss believes in documentation, mails, record keeping and constant reporting.

Please do it every time and on time even if you hate doing report. Your taking report writing with levity may be the only reason why he feels you are lazy even if you are fantastic in other areas. You may at other time be working with a boss who believes in result not effort, hence your closing late everyday and reporting to work on weekends may irritate rather than impress him.  If you don’t believe in result no matter how genuine your excuses are. And you may also have another boss who believes in closing later and working on weekend as being a hard worker even if you don’t have any result to show

Some bosses are not very comfortable with competent subordinate because they see them as threat to their present position and others love competent subordinate as they see them as strong supports, reliable and worth depending on

Study your boss, listen to what he is saying and what is he not saying and what he is saying about other people. It helps for a boss to say what he thinks about you especially when it is negative, then you are lucky because it makes it easier for you to make amends. It is more dangerous to have a boss that will sing your praise before you and recommend something different behind you

You may also have another boss who is indifferent about you, he is not saying anything, so it is difficult for you to know if he likes you or not. Such bosses are more difficult to manage. The fact still remains that that you have to be careful how you treat your boss. Even if you don’t like your boss, never show it. He may be doing a lot of stuffs that you can’t handle and you disagree with but the truth is, loyalty best tested when leadership is perceived to be wrong. It is easy to be loyal if your leader is doing exactly what you like. No matter with whom, never speak evil of your boss especially at work. Sooner or later, he will hear about it. Be careful what you say about him, what you say behind him, what you say to him and your body language when he is talking to you

Believe me; your boss is not losing anything. There is no perfect boss anywhere and as subordinate you are not perfect either, so when you escalate and broadcast your boss fault and weakness. Believe me he will surely do the same about you. But if you cover him and protect him and support him genuinely he will surely do the same about you.

Be wise, be wise, be wise, where you are going is about your career destination. Do you realize that some bosses are powerful enough to derail or truncate your career dream. When it comes to relating with your boss, let your mind overrule your emotion. Apply your mind over the matter, staying focused. Your current boss can accelerate or delay your career journey today he or she is the core of your career journey.

The truth is even of you think you are better than he is; today he is more powerful than you are. Don’t be deceived, lie or let somebody fool you.

YOU NEED YOUR BOSS. Improving your relationship with your present boss is headway to moving further.

Be wise!

Every Blessing,




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  1. DelBlogger says:

    I have had a few supervisors that weren’t so great, but most have been especially if you don’t need a lot of supervision.

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    1. D'Dream says:

      You definitely lucky, maybe because you don’t work directly with them but taking note of what you said about someone needing little supervision. I can bet you are absolutely right by that estimation.
      Thanks so much for your insightful comment del!
      Enjoy the rest of the week

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  2. Sammy J says:

    I guess these tips are gonna help me when I get a boss. Thank you very much!


  3. Debs says:

    Wow, I agree 100% with your opinion on this. The last line sum up everything!


  4. Absolutely true and agree 100% with your words, one has to very closely study his or her boss for everything. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. rothpoetry says:

    Great advice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. D'Dream says:

      Thank you Roth! I appreciate your feedback, have an awesome week

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