Dilemma of Long Distance Relationships (LDR’s)

Relationships are pivotal and in fact important to the existence of humanity, it exist on different level based on the mutuality of the participants involved either upon the premises of biological, relational or official factor

Long distance relationships (LDRs) is one branch of types of relationship which some of us happen to be in at one stage of life. which can be inevitable

Whether we  like it or not, Work, Education and other factors beyond our control can separate the best of us from our loved ones. And while there exist elements of fun to it ; Skype(ing), making and receiving phone calls even at odd hours, making surprise visits and looking forward to seeing each other can be enchanting, exciting and heartwarming. it is to be noted that it takes determination, trust, deep seated love and effort to make long distance relationships work . If you have ever been in one or in one presently you know what I am talking about

However it comes to a point the separation began to takes a toll eventually on the parties involved.  No matter how great you try to spin it or smoothie it, not being physically close to that person you love gets tiring after a while.

Nothing beats seeing and talking live to someone you love especially loved ones. Humans can make it work though, depending on the level of trust, commitment and determination of both party. You see one thing I have noticed is that LDRs don’t succeed much except the partners involved TRUST each other completely. Trust is more reliable than Faith, I would have to expansiate further on that statement but you are to get that towards the end of this writeup.

However, there’s one instance where long distance relationships NEVER work out, you could be thinking at this point, what???? The truth is that LDRs relationship with God wont work!

Haha. What did you think this post was about. Gotcha. Lol.

You see! God created us to worship him in truth and in Spirit because we are essentially spirit being created in God’s Image. Before the Fall of Adam, man fellowshipped with God unfettered and continuous. Satan hated that fellowship and the dominion conferred on Man, and he used Eve to circumvent that unique place man occupied through deceit by means of a fruit (no where in the Bible was it stated that the said fruit was an apple, theology or rather mythology invented that). 

We can read more in Genesis Chapter 3 about the whole drama.

God never gave up on man, he could have easily killed Adam and Eve at that point and start all over again but He didn’t, instead He began executing a plan to bring us to back to that fellowship we lost. In order to put a final seal to breaking down the barriers that has kept us to relate with God from a distance, Jesus Christ came, died and shed his blood so that sin will not keep us away from God again. He died for our sins that has kept up away, and gave us the Holy Spirit as a gift to seal that relationship.

We therefore have no excuse to be far away from God. Because now He resides in us by the HolySpirit and thus can communicate with us as a friend. Wow! what a privilege! Even the prophets old are jealous of us right now, why? they never have the fullness of God dwelling in them continually except occasionally to perform a feat or to receive instructions.

It is to our benefit to be intimate with our creator but a lot of us are in LDRs( Long distance relationships) with him. We know God exists somewhere, somehow, but we aren’t close to him. Some of us cry Abba Father on Sundays and go about the rest of the week like orphans. We are not communicating as effectively as we should. We are not allowing him to touch us and change us. We therefore are in what can be classified as being LDRs with the Holy Spirit that is inside of us.

You see the HolySpirit is a perfect gentleman, he wont force himself on you and it is sad many have driven him off either ignorantly or passively. We are in LDRs when we should be in physical, spiritual. and sweet communion with him but some of us would rather prefer asking other people to tell us what God is saying instead of asking Him ourselves. Some of felt we are not qualified to talk to him not even to hear him talk back to us

isn’t strange that some Christians have never heard God spoke to them all their lives, We aren’t hearing from him because we are far from him. You see it is difficult to hear or decipher clearly what a person is saying to you because of the distance. The closer the presence, the more effective. and clearer the communication becomes

Some of us have been disappointed, disillusioned and heartbroken in our physical relationships because we gave in everything emotionally, financially which ought to be accorded to God. You humans aren’t reliable and thus cant be rely on. Human will always manifest sooner or later what humans ought to do which is – dissapoint

But God’s love is a sure, ever abiding and unfailingly reliable . Not any other love run deep to the core like the Love God has for you.

Romans Chapter 3 says:

For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, 39 nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

His love for us has never diminished not even an inch. Satan uses sin, guilt and condemnation to try to distort that relationship and cause a gulf. It’s up to us to say No and run to his waiting arms when we sense a gulf, a distance, a lessening in communication, reduction in church attendance, uninteresting prayer life, diminishing love for the things of God which are pointers revealing that our communication line with God is being threaten

The pursuer wants to be pursued too, as the deer pants for the water, let our soul longs and yearns for him. One of the blessings of getting closer to God is His Presence rubs on you and it is refreshing

Beloved! We need not be far from him. God is waiting for us to renew that communication line, his hand is extending in yearnings. He won’t force us into a close relationship against our will either but beloved it is the best relationship you can ever be involved in!

Many of us grew up with some distorted images of an angry and judgemental God either through the mainstream media, unpleasant experience and sadly from some legalistic driven pulpit. Let us therefore begin to discard those images and beliefs that makes having a close relationship with God cumbersome and terrifying

God is essentially Love, His love is so broad and deep that we cant understands it. He is ever ready to be your buddy, your friend, father and great lover. He is ready to comfort, advice, instruct, guide and tell you secrets (seriously God will tell you things that will blow your mind plus God tells funny jokes , I am a witness, isn’t that interesting?).

God should be the one we are comfortable talking to anytime of the day; morning, noon, might and in in between. He is more than comforting to cry to, gist with, tell our secrets to and have him tell us secret things. Yes God is a communicating personality

The better your relationship with God, the more you hear from him and the more he tells you secrets. Can you tell secrets to someone you don’t trust? No right? Even more so God has to trust you before he tell you things.. And you know the interesting thing? He is patiently waiting for us to come back to him. He wants that one on one, personal, intimate, close relationship with us.

And it’s so simple to connect with God. It’s a matter of praying and seeking him out. If you aren’t Born again, now is a good time to give your life to Jesus Christ and ask for forgiveness of sins. Even if you are a believer but have draw back, it’s time to re dedicate your life and return to your first love.

It’s time to let go of that person or thing widening the gulf and distance between you and your God. It’s time to forgive yourself of that which you couldn’t forgive yourself of whether of the past or the present, understands that the love and forgiveness is all encompassing

Friends, the wedding bells are ringing, the bridegroom is set, will you accept his invite? It’s time to close that gap and stop that long distance relationship with God.
This Post was written by eccelestic Bisi that blogspot.com at Sister Bisi


Hi guys! This post was written by Sister Bisola of http://www.sisterbisi.com

Practising Lawyer | Writer | Sunday School Teacher | Daughter of Zion | Avid Reader | Aspiring Billionaire. Lives in Nigeria

Thanks Sister Bisola for accepting my invite as a guest blogger. I implore you guys to go check out her amazing, interesting, soul lifting and awesome blog. 


17 thoughts on “Dilemma of Long Distance Relationships (LDR’s)

  1. 'seyi says:

    Lol, initially I was thinking ‘relationship stuff’, when I saw ‘LDR with God won’t work’, I had to pause first, re-read that line before I could get the concept of everything.
    Thank you for this great post.
    Of lately, No, I started this year on a low note, am trying to get my feet back now, I don’t know what happened, I don’t read my bible anymore, I don’t fast in a week as I do before, most times I don’t pray sef, my church fellowshipping had reduce, am no in LDR with God, and I know within me, that it is utterly wrong, but I don’t just know.

    But still God still gives me word of motivation/inspiration that I blog about.
    Am not happy with my current relationship with God, the devil thought he had me but Gods still delivers me, I really want to be in an intimate relationship with God.
    Sorry about my long comment.
    Am new here tho (oya welcome me,lol).


    Liked by 2 people

    • D'Dream says:

      We love reading long comments and it is okay.
      I entirely get the whole drift, sometimes it can be rather too much work keeping our relationship. I would suggest you try as much to spare a few minutes of the day to bu

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Bisola says:

    D’Dream! Thank you so much for the opportunity to write a guest post on your blog and the accolades. 😂 .
    Thanks to everyone who has read and commented. God bless you real good. Amen

    Liked by 1 person

  3. oshamebinum says:

    Oh.. How I love the truth in that line…
    We cry Abba Father on Sundays and go the rest of the week like orphans..
    Thank God He is living on the inside of me..
    LDR with God??? Ko le werk…
    Thanks for this

    Liked by 3 people

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