Multipotentiality, A Curse or Blessing?

Are you a Multipotentialite?


I was introduced to the term multipotentiality about 8 months ago when I came across Emilie Wapnick  Puttylikee (a product of researching sprees often undertaken)

It stems from the psychology term Multipotentiality. The best definition I found came from an article titled, “Multipotentiality” by Tamara Fisher.

Tamara Fisher wrote:

Multipotentiality is the state of having many exceptional talents, any one or more of which could make for a great career for that person. Gifted children often (though of course not always) have multipotentiality. Their advanced intellectual abilities and their intense curiosity make them prime candidates for excelling in multiple areas. This can be both a blessing and a curse. On the bright side, they have many realistic options for future careers. But on the downside, some of them will struggle mightily trying to decide which choice to make. Particularly in the last couple years of high school and the first couple years of college, this monumentous decision with so many great possible outcomes can be a source of debilitating stress. The choice is “exhausting and stressful,” as one of my students said this year.

You are probably thinking, “What the….yet another classification, just another way to put me into a box.” Personally, I hate being put in a box, it is out rightly self-defeating, potential limiting and a success massacre propodeum.  

Before then I have had serious issues and many sleepless nights about what career I should fully immersed myself in but the more I think, the more confuse I becomes.  Recently at a Christian Blogger Hangout tagged AMPLIFY, I was asked what I do. i spent about 4 minutes telling to inform others of my skill and talent which was rather confusing for some because they felt I need to focus on one area instead of going all round over.

One thing I can say after giving close to 300 Birkman assessment feedback sessions as part of my Career Pivot evaluation over the last three years, none of us fit neatly into a box!

So, simply put, a multipotentialite is someone who has a lot of interests!  You are alone. It was interesting to discover that David in the bible was a multipotentialite in my opinion ( I Sam 10) – Go READ that portion of the bible to understand what I am talking about

I can honestly say that I am a multipotentialite. There are a lot of you who are wondering why you do not have one true calling.

I did a Birkman assessment interests and these are the results (summarized)

·         I am highly mechanical: I like repairing things, putting things together, both physically and logically. I could say I could repair or fix anything mechanical or related

·         I scored high on the social service spectrum: I like helping people, that is one of my core values. It brings me joy and satisfaction when I see helping people in any capacity I am opportune to serve

·         I am high also on the scientific spectrum: Not in the class of Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton but the bottom line is that everything science fascinates me.

·         . I like researching topics and discovering new ideas. I could do that all day as long there is enough data and uninterrupted power supply, I enjoy those times tremendously. Researching topics from the outright ridiculous to scientific and any other topics that fancy my interests sometimes to the extreme.

·         I am high persuasive. I like to sell my ideas. Being exposed to different ideas, concepts, thinking and thoughts fascinates me and can be highly persuasive a times in that regard.

·         I am good in problem solving skill: I am not an expert but one thing I have noticed is that my problem skill is actually always alert when I am exposed to a problem or when someone is discussing a problem with me. If it is something that can be fixed, don’t be surprised if I leave you still standing discussing the problems while I go fix it. I believe in solving problems instead of discussing it, those type of discussion literally agitate me.

I have bounced around from job to job, industry to industry, and career to career because, characteristically, I get bored.

Are You a Multipotentialite?

My guess is about 10-15% of general population demonstrate multipotentialite characteristics.

You might be a multipotentialite if you:

·         Dive into a topic deeply but eventually grow tired of it and move on.

·         Have divergent interests like business and art

·         Change jobs every 3-5 years because you grow bored (not essentially because of any flimsy factors)

·         Been referred to as a renaissance man or woman. You are some who is sometimes referred to as Jack of all trade

For example

I could decide to become a chef because I am good at cooking

I could decide to work in media houses because I writes

I could decide to work as a graphic artist because I am good at it

I could decide to become a pastor because I am gifted to

I could decide to be a teacher because well I have the potential and training to teach anything

I could decide to be a researcher because I absolute love research

I could decide to be a full-time blogger because I can

I could decide to be a mechanical or electrical engineer because I have the skill

I could decide to be a plumber because I am good at it, Lol

I could call myself a poet because……. Well you guys know right?

I could decides to go fully into photography – Many of my friends attests to it

I could call myself a writer…………because I writes (I am still improving though)

I could call myself a computer engineer because I am good at it

I could call myself a typist because I can type very fast

Now you see where the dilemma of being a potentialites, we have so many potential and passion so much neglecting one is like sentencing oneself to death. I am not driven by any one passion or interest.

Society tells us the we are supposed to have one passion. That does not work for multipotentialites.

Are You a Multipotentialite? I think it is okay to have more than one interests even though it can be challenging to fit in into todays business world. You are alone. It was interesting to discover that David in the bible was a multipotentialite in my opinion ( I Sam 10)

*In coming weeks, I will be putting up more post for we multipotentialites to navigate through, in order to fully fused those many skills, talents and  interests for maximal optimization.

Till then,

Remain Awesome!

D’Dream (Immanuel)




4 thoughts on “Multipotentiality, A Curse or Blessing?

  1. Bisola says:

    Hmmm! Multipotentialist indeed.
    It can be a curse when you allow the different interests collide so much that you achieve nothing or do nothing at the end.
    It’s a blessing if you can manage the variety of interests and harness them properly by not allowing yourself get bored easily or losing focus.
    One bad thing is the boredom.

    Liked by 1 person

    • D'Dream says:

      Yeah, that’s just the thing. I think the bottomline is that we multipotentialites loves learning which is awesome. Dealing with the boredom seems to be the deal breaker.
      Like you said be able to manage/harmonise those skills/talent is key.
      Thank you for your contribution, very much appreciated.

      Liked by 1 person

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