A little dose of motivation

“We come into this life with no flaws no heart ache and no dissapointment. As we grow we crawl, As we crawl, Then we walk, When we walk, We run. 

During those times We all gain Scars that bind togethor that make each and every one of us,Some show more then others,Some you cant see. These Scars make us the people we are today. We learn from them and each one of them have a story to tell. 

Once we obtain so many scars inside and out our dreams become smaller and less visible because we lose sight of the fact that each scar that has held us back has also pushed you 2 steps foward with wisdom.

We forgot to learn from each mistake and just become stressed or worried or even scared to take a step back towards the same reasons or situations that caused these scars.

You have to step up gain control look these scars in the eye, Life is the same way, When we get older we lose the fire that once burned inside us when we were a child that made us afraid of nothing, So you keep to yourself because life sometimes knocks you down and you dont want to get back up, you have to bring back that fire and the dedication to life and the things it has to offer as you once did when you were a child.

Dont live a 5 year plan,  dont live a 1 year plan, live each day as it comes but live it as a child but a wise one, we all have it in us but we lost sight of it. 

Find that one thing in life that will bring it back and hold on to it,Drive foward dont be scared or afraid to get alittle bump or bruise along the way, it will happen. 

But if you live day by day instead of by the 5 year or 1 year plan you will forget about it and move on the next day. 

Wake up earlier go to sleep later your mind is the most powerful thing about each one of us!

 Keep stepping foward and dont look back, If you do you may see something that wants to grab you and hold you down. ”
iMMANUEL (D’Dream)



  1. Thank you so much for this message. I have been trying to find solutions to some of my pbs and I feel like I’m drowning back into my past and it’s killing me. trying to find life a little bit more beautiful and I hope I find a way. thank you so much.

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