Just before you date that blogger


So, I’m starting  dating/relationship series starting with  a post all about the realities of dating a blogger… let’s see how much you can all relate to this one. Yes bloggers are awesome human being too. So Whether you’re a blogger yourself, dating a blogger, or are thinking of asking a blogger on a date…this is what you have in store.


A date isn’t JUST a date. It’s a blogging opportunity, an Instagram snap, some footage for a vlog, a snapchat story. Bloggers are constantly on the go, especially serious ones and a date isn’t going to stop that.


Whatever you say or do on a date, our followers will know about it.  Lol, but most time it is true. You Spilt your drink on them or anyone? Messed up? They Blogged about it. You’re basically famous now. Are they scaring you off yet? (???)

# 3.

 You will become a professional and accomplished  Photographer, whether you like it or not while dating us.  Bloggers like or NEED photo’s being taken from different angle of lighting, ambiance and hue to get the perfect one. A cute date night outfit is vital blog content, so of COURSE , they need a thousand pictures taken before walking out of the door. Take it as a positive, you will learn so much about cameras and editing that you will basically qualify as a Pro and trust me you are about to like it


Four. Bloggers generally like to write most time really long messages. They are good with words…that’s a good enough excuse for us sending you a hundred word WhatsApp message at 3am right? Most grumble about being limited in writing which is why some of us detest social platform that kind of restrict us to a 144 word count


Their mood depends on their  phone battery. Yes, it sound weird but isn’t because their phone battery life can turn their mood from an all time to high, to a scarily and angrily all-time low. Who doesn’t get depressed with a red battery, it is annoying isn’t it?  THEY CAN’T CHECK THEIR TWITTER NOTIFICATIONS, NUMEROUS COMMENTS AND E-MAILS TO ATTEND TO,A BLOGGERS CHAT IN 5 MINUTES. SOMEONE HAND THEM A CHARGER BEFORE SOMEONE GETS HURT.

# 6

 There will be days where you will more than likely find THEM in bed at 3pm, still in their pyjamas, covered in biscuit crumbs and spilt hot chocolate or coffee. They absolutely love their lazy days. Even though their lazy days aren’t actually lazy in the sense of the word. They consist of scheduling, editing, posting, reading…and so on. OBVIOUSLY it is absolutely comfy to do that from the bed. So leave them to it…and NO…don’t you dare open the curtains!

# 7

 There will also be days where they like a good cry  to rants about how stats are low and that they aren’t good enough. This one should be pretty easy to handle. Provide endless cuddles, snacks…and give your best effort by remembering that post you liked, the one where her hair looked pretty and they were wearing that red dress? Well, it was pink…but good effort.

# 8

They talk about their blogger friends and followers as though they are people they have met in real life. Don’t be alarmed if they start reeling off twitter handles and blog URL’s mid conversation. Don’t freak, it is an obsession, they can’t help it

# 9

We might get a LOT of mail, don’t get worked up. That’s because they are sent samples and free gifts, blog stats update, mails from different clients, products and services they subscribe to

# 10

Even though they seem and look like a high maintenance, they can be the most honest, encouraging and supportive people you will ever meet. So don’t ditch us just because of what we do. 

So what do you think?

Do some of these sound accurate? Can you relate? Would you dare date a blogger?

Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you enjoyed the first post to my dating series, hopefully there will be many more to come!


Written by

Immanuel (D’Dream)





  1. Oh please,😂😂😂😂😂, am all number 8, I be like ‘ I have this blogger friend ooo, she/he blog is…he messaged me, an gonna do a collab’ and my friend be like ‘have you met them’😂😂😂😂😂.
    I dont like taking pictures, but now, am beginning to take more pictures for Instagram feed.
    Me too…permission to steal and reblog?


  2. Awww. I love this. You totally nailed the points.
    I can relate to 1,2,3 and 4. Lol at being famous in number 2.
    Anyone dating a blogger also has to watch out for surprise mentions or being referred to on their blog. God help you if you mess up a blogger’s relationship.
    I remember my first blog and how any one that “toasted ” always ended up being mentioned on my posts. My BVs knew whether I liked him even before he did. Lol. And they were the ones to first know what was happening, who was annoying me and why. Good times! I miss anonymous blogging sha.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Emmanuel killed me with this!😂😂😂 This really sound like me and I remember when bobo and I met and we always go on quarrels over my blogging wahala…mehn, ain’t easy dating a blogger I must say…and you did a good job with this

    Permission to repost please…

    Liked by 1 person

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