dop·pel·gäng·er (Guest Post)

​Hi friends,  today’s guest post is coming  from Mosinmiloluwa who blogs at Uwalicious. You guys should visits her amazing , interesting blog garnished with top soulful, exciting and introspective articles.  I hope you enjoy this writeup and yes she loves comments and likes too. Show some love



I opened my eyes. The room was dark and hot.
“The AC unit must have broken down sometime during the night, again” I thought.
I blinked as my eyes tried to adjust to the darkness of the room.
“Something woke me up from sleep.” I muttered
Sitting up in bed, I scanned around the room and saw a silhouette standing just inside the bathroom, the darkness enveloping him.
I blinked. “Great! Now I am imagining things”
I opened my eyes and still found the shadowy figure standing right inside my restroom, confronting me with dark unblinking eyes.
“I must be imagining things, he can’t be inside, I set the alarm before going to sleep,” I reassured myself.
Again I closed my eyes, I counted one to ten in my head took a deep breath and opened my eyes. Yet, the figure stood less than five feet away, unflinching.
“Did my house alarm also break down?”
“Are you real?” I asked, my voice trembling.
He took two steps forward.
“No, stay where you are” I jumped out from bed.
“I need to put distance between us, he is real, I am not imagining things, where did I put my phone last night? I have to call for help” I was panicking
He laughed, his laughter was hard and cold, it sent shudders down my back.
Then I saw something glistening in the dark out of the corner of my eye. It was a blade, its cutting edge a solitary bit of high carbon stainless steel.
I stepped back making few strides in reverse until my back arched against the wall. At this point, I was trembling
“Pull yourself together, we are too young to die, distract him, locate the light switch, turn on the light, while he is trying to adjust to the light run to where he is, collect the knife, look for your phone, call for help. It’s going to be just fine” I took a deep breath.
“How did you get in?” I asked.
I felt around the wall for the light switch with my left hand while keeping my head forward.
“I am sure I set the alarm before coming to sleep.” I said
The silhouette refused to speak, instead, it twirled the knife, moving it from one palm to the other, testing its strength and weight. The blade seemed to be dancing in the darkness of the room, mocking me with each movement.
I felt the light switch, “Yes!” I smiled.
“Did you find the switch?” He asked, his voice sounded cold, cold but familiar.
I shivered, “do I know you?”
He laughed.
“Turn on the lights,” he demanded
“Wait, what? He wants me to turn the lights on?” I thought
My head began to pound, my heart began to beat faster, my left hand was shaking frantically.
“What if I do know him? Maybe it’s better to keep the lights off, I would rather not know who he is.”
“Coward.” He mocked, “Turn the lights on.”
“If we are dying tonight, let’s not die a coward.” I turned the light on.
I shielded my eyes, placing my right hand over my head as my eyes tried to adjust to the brightness of the room.
Then I took a deep breath and opened my eyes.
“The moment of truth” My heart was beating loudly; it resembled drum beats in my ears.
My eyes began their ascent, first I stared at his feet, he was wearing black flip-flops.
“Are my feet more interesting than my face?” He asked.
I swallowed and closed my eyes, I counted one through ten in my head, then I opened my eyes and looked up at him.
I found myself staring into his brown eyes.
“Oh my God! I know him” I swallowed
He had a smile on his lips, a smile that seemed to mock.
“How can this be?” I asked, confused and afraid
“You…you look…you look…like…” I stammered
“You?” He asked.
“No, it’s not possible”
“And yet here I am”
He advanced towards me like a predator approaching its prey.
“Stop!” I brought my right hand forward and held my palm out.
He stood still.
“How do you look like me; are we twins?”
“I don’t look like you; I am you”
“keep your wits together, this must be some trick, maybe it’s even a new robbing technique”
Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw my phone on my bedside table, on the other side of the bed.
“You don’t believe me,” He stated.
He brought the knife to his wrist.
“What are you doing?”
“Does he want to kill himself? He’s crazy, insane”
“I am showing you that I am you,” he replied.
With an expert twist of his hand, he slit his left wrist.
I watched silently as blood dripped on to the cream carpet.
I felt an ache in my left wrist. I brought it forward and saw blood dripping from my wrist to the carpet. My eyes widened and I stared at him.
He presented His left hand, showing me his cut, the slice wasn’t deep enough to cause him to bleed out. He hadn’t hit a major vein.
Likewise, I took a gander at the cut to my left wrist, the cuts were similar.
My eyes widened, he smiled.
I held my wrist down to stop the bleeding.
“You see?” He asked
“How…how is this possible?” I stammered
“Don’t you ever feel like a lost soul, forever out of your body, wandering lethargically through life?”
I blinked
He turned and started to leave.
“He’s leaving”
“Wait!” I called, following him
“You can’t just leave, I have so many questions to ask you.”
At the door, he turned and looked into my eyes.
“If you catch me, I will answer every one of your questions.”
Then he fled.

Written by
Mosinmiloluwa Akindele




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