Poem + Musings 

*Mic Testing*

Hello. …..One….. two.


Whollup! Whollup!! Fam!

How have you been ? To say I have missed you is an understatement. I missed you all *gaan like kilode, I missed you all like mofedaku* .  I missed you all like cornflakes without Milk and syrups sweeteners
Since I had gone MIA on the blogosphere, many things has happened which I planned to gist you guys as time goes on.
For the remaining days of this month, I plan to binge read, and indulge myself in the works of you guys since I left. 😁😂. 

Skimming through some of you guys posts make my heart goes positively haywire.
 I will try as much to cover up as much as I can. So watch your blog posts cos I am about invade them all if possible.
I will start putting up posts by next week by God grace. Truthfully I had disengaged from writing for the most part of the time I have been away but I trust the writing Mojo to be back Asap.
Ok let me give you snippets of what I had been up to since I has gone MIA.
* I got appointed to serve as the Youth Leaders of my church after much drama
** I Finished writing 2 of 5 of my books. 2 of which are with an editor and the others still in the works
*** I met an amazing kingdom friend, should I say my lost twins cos we have so much alike.
**** Yeah I made a dating attempt which kind of led to complicated scenerio
***** My Camp Meeting experiences during the Easter Period.

Last day of Easter Camp Meeting

But before barraging and threatening your post feeds with writeup, Let me you with an appetizer poem.


I have a yearning, faint but constant
gentle and nudging, inviting me to a deeper place
I understands not and don’t know how to heed to it
it rumbled on deep down inside my being
I couldn’t put a finger on it but I feel it perfectly right there
lack of proper guidance and counsel. and I lost the way
the beacon rays becomes dimmer, fainting into oblivion
I dabble in atrocities and games that yield no benefits
even in the midst of sowing to the flesh to fill the void
I end up worse than when I start, numbness spiralled out of control
the promise of the still small voice urging me to stand out.
I have lived most of my life and enjoyed being identified among the crowd
standing apart expose me to what I cant handle which I fought every inch of the way.
but deep down I know the voice was right after night of drunkenness and body panel beating
come out from among them and be separated the voice kept nudging me, I wouldn’t bulge
the deceitfulness of sin and self blindfold my will to see and accept the truth
I will arise now and make my case
I am willing to be scorned and side talked if it occur
I realized I have been living a vulture life whereas I was born an eagle to soar the greater height
I determined not to sacrifice my eagle crown for the chicken toppings.
I will take steps to standout even when people don’t understands my choice
I therefore seek out those that support my dreams and decisions
it was hard at first leaving my comfort zone
comfort zone that has kept me in circle and stagnated
Its time to obey the voice calling deep into deep.
an exciting adventures of advancement set before me in earnest
Look,Lord here I come in the volume of the book
it is written of me O God to do thy will
laying down ambition to pursue purpose.

So what have you guys being up to? Did you missed me? What did I missed while away?

Every Blessings,

Immanuel (D’Dream).

 Thedreamlodge 2017. Copyright Protected



  1. Yay! He’s back. The long awaited return. We have missed you oh. Welcome back. Me I want to hear gist so do and start posting.

    Liked by 1 person

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