The Priestly Bride


Quickly I placed the key into the lock and opened the gate to the enclosed garden. I dropped the scarlet cord back around my neck, quietly stepping inside the gate. As it closed behind me, it clicked shut.

 Within the Garden

What stillness and peace were there.

I stood facing the three-tiered fountain in the center of the garden. Cool, clear water flowed from its top and gently pooled in its widely rimmed basin. The large, flowering apricot tree arched over the fountain, with the bench for two at its base.

I let my eyes rest upon the colors and varieties of the plantings within the walled area. All sorts of scented herbs grew among the jonquils, tulips and daffodils. The fruit-bearing trees and vines were heavy with flowers, but they also had leaves and the rudiments of both summer and fall fruit. As with the trees and vines, the flowers of spring, summer, and fall were blooming at the same time within the beds.

A slight breeze blew across the garden stirring the aromas. ‘The fragrance was unique. On Earth we do not experience the three growing seasons together. I was reminded of Aaron’s staff that sprouted, blossomed, and bore fruit at the same time. I wondered if the three seasons being represented within the garden had something to do with the priesthood of believers. But I did not know.

I breathed in deeply and exhaled slowly. Peace.

Not Alone 

Suddenly I heard someone clearing His throat in order to call attention to His presence. I looked up. Jesus was sitting in the large apricot tree. “My Lord,” I said in amazement, “what are you doing up there?”

“I am up a tree, Anna,” He said.

I laughed. “What are You doing up a tree?”

“You want Me up here,” He replied.

“I want You up a tree?” I laughed, for I thought He was joking.

“Yes,” He answered. “I am localized, and you know where I am.

You can come to the base of the tree and ask Me questions, and then go about your life.

I am in a portion of your heart, but I do not have free access to the whole garden.”

I was cut to deep down. I swallowed hard.

“Come down, my Lord,”

I said.

“Forgive me. These mysteries are so exciting . . . well, forgive me that…”

“…that you have begun to use Me?” He asked, jumping down from the tree.

“The very thing I have hated, I am doing,” I said.

He walked toward me. “What do you want of Me, Anna?

Information? There is a vast supply. Is that what you want?”

“No, of course not,” I replied. “These mysteries are so…”

“…titillating?” He asked.

“Well, they are . .

“…seductive?” He added.

“Yes,” I affirmed.

“But they are part of Me—and you have been given all of Me. It seems a poor exchange.”

“Oh, my Friend,” I continued, “forgive me. I love You and want to be with You. I want You to have access to the entire garden.”

“You are called to know mysteries, Anna, but not to use Me,” He said.

To Still the Soul 

I was speechless.

Years before I had decided to pursue the Lord earnestly, I withdrew my senses from the overstimulation of worldly input. I felt that I needed to still my soul if I wanted Him to come knocking at my heart.
The withdrawal from worldly entertainment was exceedingly painful. But now the Lord was saying that I had replaced the worldly with spiritual entertainment—desiring more and more spiritual knowledge—a subtler and less objectionable substitute, but still a substitute for Him.

I did not know what to say. I was stunned.

He took me by the arm and guided me gently to the rim of the fountain.

“Sit down,” He said quietly. He sat beside me. I looked into His face. The beauty and clearness of those eyes were beyond compare. He took my hand and held it.

A True Friend

“My Anna,” He said, “Be a true friend to Me, as I am to you. I want you to desire My Company. I am a King, but I desire to be with you, as any lover would long to be with the one he loves. I do not command your love; I humbly ask for t. I do not dictate that you be with Me. I long for you to seek Me. Therefore I wait for you, Anna.”

Are you seeeking the Blessing or the God of the blessing.

Are we seeking God or His hand?
©D’DREAM 2016. All Rights Reserved


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  1. Bisola says:

    Great post on seeking God’s presence and fellowship with him for the right reasons.
    Also shows that God desires us to seek for him earnestly and from the bottom of our heart.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. D'Dream says:

      Thanks for reading and leaving an insightful comment. Have a wonderful week

      Liked by 2 people

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