‘Salvation Message’ Faulty Foundation

If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? -Ps 11:3

Permit me to paraphrase, “If the foundation by which people gets saved or come to the knowledge of Christ be faulty, the righteous are in a dire mess”

Being rich isn’t a sin even in the eyes of God. But, we must be careful not to sought or use God as a means to getting money like many charlatans on pulpit do today. They go as far as telling people to accept Jesus if they want money. By bible standard on how to be saved, such people are not saved, although they attend ‘church’ programmes. People need Jesus and the salvation of their soul. Don’t you think by inviting people to come to Christ in order to satisfy their cravings is faulty?

We have no record of any rich apostle or disciple who pioneered the faith. They were constantly maligned, in peril of sickness and death, imprisoned, killed, in hunger- yet they sought God all on His own and not for a profane benefit they thought they could get in return.

Today, greed and selfishness and the propelling force of our flesh and sinful nature has sadly driven us to a place where God has become a means to an end. Then you wondered why we have burgeoning nominal Christians who don’t care about the things of God but what they can get from Him.

And then you wondered why many fake pastors emerged employing every gimmicks and clandestine approach to swindling unsuspecting victims of their money and material equivalent. and then genuine and concerned Christians wondered why Christians has becomes so worldly and the world so christian, it is becoming increasingly hard to spot out a true Christians.

Where have those thaf manned the pulpits gone wrong?

When we have God, we don’t walk as though we are confident and proud but as soon as our bank account balance shows positive figures or we acquire some level of material gains, we developed a false confidence, we become conceited with a big chip on our shoulder, we fall completely for the deceitfulness of earthly riches.
why do you think Jesus told the rich centurion to do away with his wealth, He knows his confidence is tied to his wealth. one thing I have discovered by reading the bible in my little walk in Christ is that wealth provides false confidence which alienate Gods help.

When we invites people to give their lives to Christ for what they can get, we have set an unbiblical pattern that will ultimately yeild frustrations. Don’t get me wrong I am not against people of God getting rich, but let it not be the basis on which people come to Christ. Jesus said come unto me all that weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. This should be our basis in getting gets saved from the heart. Until people know they need Jesus and understands that riches and wealth are fringe benefit as you walk in obeidient with him, we have a long way to go.

God’s ultimate in sending His son is to reddened the soul of men and by constant fellowship witb Him becomes Christlike.

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Written by D’Dream

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