Fruit Bearing Trees (A 21 days Journey)

Hi Friends, I trust your week has been splendid. I havent been regular here, I have just been hesistant in blogging lately because I have been thinking about steering this blog to a new direction, a part of which is to moved it to .com which is still in the works and many other activities lined up. 

Thank you guys for the follows, likes and commenfs since I have been away. I really appreciate you guys, you make blogging more easier.
Today I will sharing with you something deep from my heart. You see Sometimes we don’t experience the things of the Spirit and the gift of God because we are not conscious participant.

We all know about the Gifts of the Spirit, some of us are pressing into a God to have and by the way, it is Gods desire and even a command to earnestly desire to operate in the gifts of the HolySpirit. But are many desiring or even interested?

  1. And then where is what’s called “the fruits of the Spirit”. While the gifts of the Spirit are the under the utmost supervision of the Holy Spirit in giving or imparting, the fruits of the Spirit are not so. Take note of the difference in the wording “GiFTs” and “Fruits” of the Spirit.

The bible says “without thy mind will I do nothing”. God won’t force us to do anything, He has given us the power of Will – a dangerous power as that.

You see we all all want the power and presence of a god in our lives but there has to be a putting off before a putting on. its ridiculous to put a garment on another garment except the former is an undergarment.

Sometimes towards the last week of the month of may, God drop it in my heart to start a series on my blog that talks about developing the fruits of the spirit. I was reluctanct because I don’t feel qualified. I felt some of these fruits of the Holy Spirit He is asking me to teach others aren’t fully developed in me, some are to some degree developed and some absolutely absent.

I was like how was I to offer help to people when I myself needed the help I want to offer. How am I suppose to teach others what I have need of myself. Talk about offering your last meals to a starving person when you are absolutely starving. Ridiculous right?

It was then I realized, this what Faith is all about. Remember the widow with the last meal encounter with prophet elisha? Apostle peter lending his boat to Christ when when he needed fishes really bad?

Few months back though, Dec 23rd 2016 precisely, He woke me up and I heard Him speak audibly and distinctly to me thus: “Go and teach others what I have taught you”. I was like what? me? what do I know? I am in bad shape myself. So I dawled and doodle. I cooked up excuses; let me wait until my laptop is fixed, it will inconvenience typing posts on phone, nobody will read it, many will criticized me, this is suppose to be a pastor thing………excuse, excuse, excuse

And funny enough before now, He has been teaching me lots and lots of stuffs. and I have always wondered secretly in my mind what I am to do with all those things He is teaching. I felt perhaps it was meant for me, myself and I alone. I am mistaken and forgot the fact God doesn’t bless you for you, he blesses you for others, he blesses you to bless others.
I am suppose not to hoard whatever He pass across to me, true I might really be in need of them but that’s not His intent.. He expects that I pass the cookies jar to others to enjoy or else I become like that rich fool. And because I was disobeidience, those revelations stopped until I repented

Why am I saying all this?

I am saying all this to encourage someone reading this, maybe God has laid it in your heart or spoken to you to do some things. Try to obey, you might not feel qualified but knows God specialises in qualifying the unqualify.

Let me end this post with what the Holy Spirit told me in April 2017, during the Youth Camp. “All you have to do is to show up. I am the one that will do the work. All you have to do is trust and be obedient. Be willing and available. because faithful is he that calleth thee who also will do it”


PS: In response to His nudging, I will be starting a series on my blog titled “Fruit Bearing Trees”. its going to be a 21 days daily teaching on each of the fruit of Spirit. Honestky I dont know how it will all turn out but I trust God to help me to stay on track
Written by D’Dream

©The Dream Media 2017. All Rights Reserved


5 thoughts on “Fruit Bearing Trees (A 21 days Journey)

  1. Ufuomaee says:

    This is how I have felt at times, when God puts something on my heart to share. Like The Marriage ABCs…. No way was I qualified to write that…but God used me to write it, and today, it is blessing me too.

    I look forward to learning what God is imparting to you to teach us 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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