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overcoming bad times


Hi Friends, I trust your week is going fine

The weather has been nice over here and hope it is over there too

I Promise to write a follow up to this post When bad things happens to good people but the data network then really erratic, annoying and unresponsive for days. I kept on repeating to myself ……the devil is a liar! Lol.

Before I proceed permit me to retell a rather familiar and not so familiar story of someone you know.

I will summarize the whole story.

A man who suffers so much before he eventually emerges a king from the former king family including the former king himself and his own family didn’t help the matter – he was technically disown and treated an outsider.

  1. Acceptance: The first line of action I would suggest in handling bad times or unpleasant circumstances is to accept the fact that the situation has change and make the decision to move on with your life.

1 Sam 13 paint a vivid picture of how David soldiers cried, in fact the bible says “they wept sore until they have no more power to weep”. It must have been a spectacular sight to see men, I mean soldiers and warriors weeping! I mean men who are thought to be courageous and strong.

You can imagine the melody of their weeping in your head. The deep voice and grunts – those wouldn’t be melodious I dare say, maybe the sound ladies weeping would have been more tolerable.

I want to point out one thing here though, it is okay for Christians to cry. If you have to go emotional about what has happened, don’t steeled yourself, let go and be real. Sometimes it doesn’t help to bottle those feelings up, it can make our hearts to get hardened because the bitterness and hurt is still there. In fact God can’t even get across to you.

Where does the idea that men aren’t supposed to cry comes from? It’s not a weakness to cry. Sometimes a good cry clears up the mind to see things from a new perspective. Even Jesus our ultimate model of God, cried

Be real and accept the situation just the way as it is right now.

  1. Encourage Yourself: You see you may be going through some circumstances and your pastor or fellowship may not be there at that point in time. The best thing is to encourage yourself. It can be hard I know but it doesn’t help to keep mourning. Mourning about a failed relationship, mourning a job loss, the death of a loved ones, a lost contract etc.

 Someone said the best advice is the one you give to yourself. 1 Sam 13 says David encourage himself in the Lord. He began to measure how God is bigger than his unpleasant circumstances –  his wives and children has been carried away by some enemy warlord.  I guess he began to rationalize that at least none of them has been hurt or killed. He began to look at the other side of things and I guess he began to thank God for his protection over his families and that of his solders. Quote several scriptures of God’s faithfulness to yourself over and over again.

In fact, some songs begin to have real meaning to you as they well up in your heart and you sang them. These songs that you have been singing casually begins to have a really deep meaning to you. Some of the songs/hymns we love so much were written by people in such distressed themselves. Personally, I noticed I writes better poems/writeup when I am going through tough circumstances, I don’t know if it happens to you too

The crux at this point is that we should encourage yourself in the Lord and find something to thank God for even in the midst of your difficult, distressed and discouraging situation. The truth is , there is always something to thank God for

  1. Remember the promises of God. As you are encouraging yourself, it will be a good idea if you can bring yourself to remember God promises to you.


I’m sure you must have had a dream or vision of how glorious your future is going to be. I know it can be hard to remember the acts of God in the midst of unpleasant life challenges. Remember the prophecies that have gone ahead of you.  Remember the visions you had as you prayed sometimes ago. Remember the dreams you dreamt one night. Remember how one day you were reading the scriptures and God spoke to your heart his promises over your life. Remember how you were so excited then when you receive it.

Remember that God doesn’t and have not change his mind over you. Remember the anointing, gifting and promises over your life. Remember God’s faithfulness in time past, how he had delivered you from debt, from a deadly accident, cover up for you in your place of work, shower you with favor when you least expect it and many other awesome acts of his.

Learn to recall good memories. The setup of the devil is to influence us to only recall bad memories which unfortunately reinforce the present circumstances we are in and intensify the negative feelings we already have.

  1. Seek God Perspective: Sometimes when things goes bad for us, some of those who criticizes us are people who are really close to us which can hurts us deeply. The people we thought will stood with us are the same people that spread gossips and lies about you. No wonder the bible said it is foolishness to trust in man.

I’m sure you have must have experienced something like that, but you shouldn’t be too worried about that, it is time to speak to God your father what he has to say about your situation. David told Abiatha the priest to bring him the ephod to hear from God because the clamor for vengeance and criticism on him was too much on him to withstand physically and emotionally.

It’s time to speak to God to hear what he has to say. Immediately David decides to do that, he had a powerful response from God “Pursue, overcome and without fail, recover all”.

I don’t know what pressure and negative situation you are going through right now, I felt God is saying the same words to you “Pursue, Overcome and without fail, recover all”

Turn to God for instructions

These are what I had discussed:

  1. Acceptance
  2. Encourage yourself
  3. Remember God’s promises
  4. Seek God perspective


Enjoy the rest of the week.


Written by D’Dream



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