In the early stages of creating a dream, there isn’t always evidence that your idea is a good one, or that this is the right time to launch it. The same is true about a big dream, like doing less and having more.

During this time, what is essential is that you believe in your vision. At the very least, you’ll need to have a belief that will support you in moving from where you are to where you want to be. Ninety-nine percent of more than 250 family physicians surveyed from across the country said they thought a patient’s beliefs can even aid in healing. In other words, having a strong belief system is much more than just a nice idea. A strong
belief is essential.

Your beliefs become the necessary foundation to support you in moving forward in your new life. Since our attitudes and beliefs determine the choices and decisions we make, your beliefs will either empower you or impede you.

beliefs are never neutral. They either move you forward or hold you back. If you dream of a life of ease but you don’t believe it’s possible, watch how quickly you’ll prove yourself right. But if you take the same dream—to have a life of ease— and act as though you believe in it, you will take different actions. If we don’t believe in our dreams, we either abandon or sabotage them. If we do believe in our dreams, we’ll at least begin the process of seeing where the dream will take us.

Often we kill off our dreams before we ever explore their possibilities. Perhaps our past defeats or disappointments rear their ugly heads. We may think, “I failed at this before,
why should I try it now?” Do you use your past failures to deny your dreams? Or worse, do you use past memories as the justification for not dreaming at all? If we are not aware of our limiting beliefs, they can be deadly. They kill our dreams.

Our attitudes and beliefs determine our thoughts and feelings. These shape our choices and decisions. So if my dream is to change careers, but my belief is that this will be very hard, if not impossible, here’s what happens. If my belief tells me this will be difficult, my thoughts and feelings follow suit. I might think this is going to be way too trying and I’ll feel overwhelmed. My choices and decisions will be to forget the whole idea.
Here’s the same dream, with a new belief. Believing that the dream can happen leads to a thought like, “I believe I can handle this.” My choices and decisions are to go for it, or at least to move the process forward.

When you imagine your dream life, what beliefs come up?

Do you believe your dream is possible? Do you believe it will be easy or difficult? Do you believe you can make it happen or that it will never materialize? What do you believe the
people in your life will think? Whether you realize it or not, these beliefs are influencing us all the time.
Being aware of your beliefs is the first step toward changing them. When we can hear the subtle conversations in our head, we have some power over them. It’s the unconscious limiting beliefs that often sabotage us or catch us off guard. If we don’t manage our minds, through a process of awareness, we are often at the mercy of an unconscious process that undermines us.

Now will you believe your dream is achievable? what is holding you back?

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