First time I cooked

I was alarmed, what I have done? I thought
Grandma nudge me to take a spoonful myself and then I had an aha moment. I wanted to run along with them, but grandma’s demeanor and stance wouldn’t allow me bulge. I dare not stand up from my seat. I had to grudgingly swallow the gulp but internally I was crying. 

8 ways GOD speaks

In the past when i was young and new to Christianity,  I used to be skeptical of people around me who told me God told them to this or that? I usually think they are a bunch of disillusioned folks, making or acting everything up. That was then until I began to hear God for…

Fiction : Dangerously Jealous

With his good hand, he held the cloth to the gash in his head, as they made their way to the hospital.

The Doctor looked at the seemingly worried woman beside him, then took another look at him and with obvious unbelief, asked again, “You said you fell down the stairs?”…….

Short Fiction Story 1

He stood by the gate leading to the estate, exchanging banters with an aboki He wasn’t actually interested in the wares display. he has a mission which he has carefully planned to carry out that very day To keep his mojo pumped up, that very morning he read “tough times dont last but tough people…

Being Boko wives – the trauma

Alidu was only there to ward off the other militants who attempted to rape and physically abuse me so he alone could do that to me’

Flash Fiction – Unloved

This is my first attempt at dabbling into fictional writing. I’m open to critiques So here we go The well stuffed leather cushion and the black slender noisy gadget with a screened face  hanged on the cream painted wall have understood and embrace the daily routine Daddy would arrive home early to be mesmerized by…