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Just before you date that blogger

HELLO YOU LOVELY LOT So, I’m starting  dating/relationship series starting with  a post all about the realities of dating a blogger… let’s see how much you can all relate to this one. Yes bloggers are awesome human being too. So Whether you’re a blogger yourself, dating a blogger, or are thinking of asking a blogger…… Continue reading Just before you date that blogger

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Multipotentiality, A Curse or Blessing?

Are you a Multipotentialite?  ​ I was introduced to the term multipotentiality about 8 months ago when I came across Emilie Wapnick  Puttylikee (a product of researching sprees often undertaken) It stems from the psychology term Multipotentiality. The best definition I found came from an article titled, “Multipotentiality” by Tamara Fisher. Tamara Fisher wrote: Multipotentiality is the state of…… Continue reading Multipotentiality, A Curse or Blessing?

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Dilemma of Long Distance Relationships (LDR’s)

Relationships are pivotal and in fact important to the existence of humanity, it exist on different level based on the mutuality of the participants involved either upon the premises of biological, relational or official factor Long distance relationships (LDRs) is one branch of types of relationship which some of us happen to be in at…… Continue reading Dilemma of Long Distance Relationships (LDR’s)