FBT – Day Three (First Thing First)

God told him not to speak with anybody except Him for complete 3 days. He is not even permitted to speak to his own wife and Children. It was a difficult situation, of course his wife was hurt when he explained to her about what God told him. If there was a moment as difficult as this in someone life, the is it? How is he to resolve this, obey or not? Imagine not speaking to your love ones for complete three days while living under the same roof.


FBT – Day One (Heart Transplant)

​ Hi Friends, Hope your week has been awesome? And I trust this month will be more awesome. As promised the Fruit Bearing Trees Series - FBT series is here already. This is day one and it will run for the next 21 days.  As often said, it takes approximately 21 days effect a lasting … Continue reading FBT – Day One (Heart Transplant)