#Writing · Life · Poem


Like a cocoon, weave together in such expertise that could only be divine each layer of space embedded with traces of humanity imaginable each fabric makeup interdependent of the strength of another a loopy loop cords that binds with natural glues fixate and placed intricately and delicately under the ever watchful  and sometimes nonchalant lord…… Continue reading Humanity 

#Writing · Poem · Spiritual


beyond the nose lies the cobwebs of uncertainty Fear beyond the grasp lies the flurry indistinguishable cup of hope Unfulfillment beyond the eyes lies the stark hood of blurred vision Auto pilot existence beyond the feet lies the drowning sea of hesitancy Directionless beyond the thought lies the flaky wisps of shielded knowledge Confusion beyond…… Continue reading BEing


The difference between Pride & Confidence (1)

Hi Friends, I missed you all already Its kind of crazy when you are buried deep solving some brainstorming calculations and suddenly some ideas start popping up everywhere in your head. It was rather frustrating, in fact I was becoming impatient and frustrated. What’s all this! I would moan in fits of frustration. You see…… Continue reading The difference between Pride & Confidence (1)