Short Fiction Story 1

He stood by the gate leading to the estate, exchanging banters with an aboki He wasn't actually interested in the wares display. he has a mission which he has carefully planned to carry out that very day To keep his mojo pumped up, that very morning he read "tough times dont last but tough people … Continue reading Short Fiction Story 1



Short of a letter from Sword It handle the vocal chords of men Weaving through, cutting and slicing But sharper than any sword known It face cutting quick than a scrapel Or fluffy comfy like well stuffed teddy A ruthless monster, veiled in outburst Either building up or tearing down Encouraging or depreciating Like a … Continue reading WORDs

Window of Heaven

Forlorn look on the aged, the jittery chattering of the young low Head hung in despair,  shoulder dropped like a withered leaves The earth long to quench it thirst. The green lily in dire need of dew Mammals groans in discomfort, till the skin thicken in gloat Throat tighten land dried up, exhaustion loomed large … Continue reading Window of Heaven